Chasing Your Dreams after Your Maternity Break

Mar 29, 2019 | Read time: 5 mins

Mar 29, 2019 | Read time:

Who hasn’t been apprehensive about going back to work after maternity leave? Who hasn’t had sleepless nights wondering about managing their baby and work schedules? Who hasn’t felt uncertain and completely confused with the decision of going back to work after maternity leave, when only a couple of months back, all they ever wanted to do was to jump into their usual hectic work schedules?

One of the very first questions that we need to ask ourselves, is whether we are really ready. Many of us realize that while we do want to get back to work after a maternity break, we would like to give our little one a little more time and extend our maternity leave just a little bit more. It is pointless rushing into the entire process of working or following your passions after taking a break when all we really want to do is to be with our little one.

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The answer to this question could take us days of pondering and numerous nights of restless sleep. However, once you have asked yourself this question and are certain that now even with that delightful bundle of joy, it is time to go back to work after maternity leave and that being a mother does not mean giving up on your dreams, then that is when you need to carefully plan your transition of going back to work after maternity leave.

Back to Work After Maternity Leave

However, while going back to work after maternity leave may sound all easy and stress-free, it actually is a whole lot of work! And this is something that no one will ever tell you. The very first thing that you need to think about is to organise where your little one will be. Whether in the loving care of a grandparent or at a carefully chosen child care centre, once you have this very first step sorted out, the rest won’t seem that daunting. Well, at least not that much!

Be certain of your role at work

Start the process of connecting with employers you want to join; the moment you decide on going back to work after maternity leave. It will be a good idea to start with your previous employer. Be certain of the role that you are looking for, so that you can narrow down your search to the fields most suited to you. Don’t hesitate to say no to a role that you will not be comfortable with. Sometimes in the hurry of getting back, we tend to agree to all terms and conditions without carefully pondering over them.

In case you want to follow your passion and pick up a new skill or do something that you always wanted to do and kept putting away, this is the time to figure it out, chalk out a plan and begin working towards achieving it.

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Do a dry run

Now that you have organised child care, the next step is to look at everything else that revolves or maybe does not revolve around your child. Make a checklist of the items that you need to sort out; from your wardrobe that requires a complete makeover, to making sure that all support systems will be running as smoothly when you do join. There is no harm in doing a dry run of a typical day just to see if you have missed out on something important.

Once you have decided on the company you want to be a part of, or on a passion that you want to follow, you can now breathe easy that you have been successful in starting off on your path to chasing your dreams, whatever they may be.

Choose the right childcare provider

child care centre

Now that you know how to transition back into work after your maternity leave, it is time to start your research on the best child care providers, a home away from home, where you can leave your little one and go guilt-free to work. By opting for a good daycare, you can rest assured that your child is safe and secure. Make sure, however, that the childcare you finally narrow down on, also provides your child with a host of co-curricular activities to learn from.

Give time some time

Now all you need to do is be confident that everything will work out just fine and that all that’s left now, is to ease into the new schedule. It may take a bit of time in the beginning while going back to work after maternity leave and you may find yourself dozing off many a time during an important meeting because your adorable, yet cranky little one, kept you awake the entire night. Or you may find yourself getting very emotional on the first day of your work, wondering what your little baby may be doing at home. But don’t lose heart! It takes time for things to fall into place, and this one will too, probably sooner than you would have imagined.

And in the middle of all this, try not to be too harsh on yourself. One fine morning you will get up completely at ease with your new schedule and happy to see the way things have turned out. You will feel empowered and one step closer to living the life of your dreams.

So till then breathe a little, sit back and be proud of all that you have achieved. Pamper yourself to a nice massage or a hot cup of tea and smile! After all, there is nothing more fulfilling than getting back home after a long satisfying day and seeing your child happy and smiling!

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