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May 14, 2018 | Read time: 3 mins

May 14, 2018 | Read time:
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KLAY: Respite For A Working Mother!

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before.”

The above lines holds true not only to me but I am sure for all mothers in the world. As a lady, my priorities changed the day I saw those pink lines – my world changed for good. If I look back to the days before I conceived, it was quite simple. My career goals were set and personal life was sorted. It’s not that we never planned for a baby, we definitely did but we thought our life, especially on emotional grounds, won’t be affected much. I visualized a life of managing professional and personal life as before with an addition of playing, nurturing, and caressing a baby. At present, I realize it is way more than just that! After all, a mother in me was born.

Since, I am a working mother, the fear of leaving behind my baby as he turned 6 months old in someone’s hand used to give me shivers. What mattered most to me more than anything else is I cannot bear the separation anxiety, forget about daycare or full time maid, I cannot leave my baby alone for a second even with my parents. I decided to quit my job! I read all sorts of articles/blogs on daycare, parenting, mothers quitting job etc. but still could only convince myself that I would quit my job for sure only after he is a year old and when my mom returns to her native.

Months passed by and the time came for the most difficult situation of my life – Should I quit my job or put my 1 year old in a daycare? Quitting is very easy but what about the hardships that I went through to reach the pinnacle of success? But the Mother in me always said “First is your baby, everything else can wait”. In the meantime, unwanted suggestions started pouring from all corners highlighting how bad daycares are. I was shown videos of sheer negligence by daycares too. One fine day, I decided to atleast look for a daycare as per my expectations. Who else can decide a second home for her child than a mother? My hunt began and I was clear, if no daycare meets my expectation I will quit.

I discovered KLAY in HSR Layout, read reviews, and dialed the Centre Head’s number. After, speaking to Nithya, I felt God is there to help me. We visited the HSR center and saw how they take care of each and every child. I was impressed and my happiness knew no bounds – it was a big respite for me. Cleanliness, 100% hygiene environment, well trained teachers & helpers all seemed perfect for me. Above all, it is a SAFE Place where I can put my baby and return to work.

As a mother of a year old ‘Thanking’ KLAY would be a small gesture. Only because of such daycares, a mother like me is able to fulfill her career goals and her son is having a great time growing, learning, and playing with KLAY.

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