What to look for in an after-school daycare program

Jun 26, 2018 | Read time: 5 mins

Jun 26, 2018 | Read time:
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Being a working parent is like being a superhero. Managing your responsibilities at work and a family at home tends to put you in auto-pilot mode. From carpooling with your child’s peers and last-minute holiday homework to unrealistic deadlines and impromptu presentations, every day is a battle won until the sun is up and you are ready for round two. However, between all the work pressure and home making, have you ever wondered if your child is getting enough attention to explore their options and rise to their true potential? Beyond school, are they getting enough guidance and support to nurture their creativity and trigger their imagination? This is where after-school daycare programs step in.

India’s ever-changing cosmopolitan landscape has given rise to a new breed of parents who truly believe in the benefits of after-school daycare. It is a great way to keep your children safe and secure along with the added advantage of providing them with a holistic environment to grow and explore. But with so many after-school daycare facilities available in today’s day and age, how do you pick and choose the perfect program for your child? Listed below are few of the vital parameters every parent must scan through before they enroll their child in after-school daycare.

A positive environment that inculcates self-learning
After-school daycare is all about letting your child utilise their free time to open up a world of opportunities that will help them grow as an individual. Opt for a daycare program that offers a positive and nurturing environment that helps children socialise, learn from their peers and settle conflicts under the supervision of a certified childcare professional.

A gradual transformation from school hours
It is important to look for a program that offers a gradual shift from hectic school hours to engaging leisure time. Most after-school daycare facilities include a snack time and a nap time to instill good food habits and a healthy lifestyle. Children are exposed to productive activities that keep them engaged and also help in molding them into self-sufficient individuals.

A range of fun and engaging after-school activities
Every child is different. While one might look forward to storytelling classes, another one might be counting the days until their next dance class. It is important you find an after-school daycare program that offers a wide range of fun activities that can also be a life skill down the years. From cooking and robotics to art and craft, there is a multitude of activities to choose from that can keep your child busy and craving for more.

A healthy staff of well-certified professionals
A good childcare program and well-certified staff have always gone hand-in-hand. It is one of the key parameters that either make or break your decision of enrolling your child in after-school daycare. Make sure that your child is under the guidance of a pre-certified professional who can effectively balance learning and fun and ensure your child is pushed to their full potential with personalised care.

A hygienic, holistic and safe surrounding
The after-school daycare facility is where your child will be spending a good period of time on a daily basis, making it all the more important to ensure that the surrounding is clean, safe and well-maintained. Ask if the facility is guarded with security cameras with the option of you being able to keep an eye on what your child is doing from a remote device. This feature is a huge hit amongst working parents who can constantly reassure themselves that their child is in safe hands.

A program that supports your parenting goals
As a working parent, it is important to not fall under a guilt trip of sending your child to an after-school daycare. People are now more open to the concept of daycare, and it is time you use this to your advantage. Opt for a daycare program that offers a tailor-made schedule as per the preferences of your child and works hand-in-hand with your parenting goals to mold them into strong and level-headed individuals.

A good network of branches across the city
Getting your child to settle down in an after-school daycare program may be a bit of a challenge. By choosing a daycare facility that has a good number of branches in the city you live in, you have the option of putting your child in the same program even if are moving houses or switching jobs. This will ensure that your child gets the same personalised care that they are accustomed to, without the teething problems of a new daycare facility.

A well-reputed daycare center
As the saying goes – You cannot build an empire in a day. Reputation and status are important factors that help you understand what the after-school daycare has to offer. Choose a daycare that is famed to be one of the best programs in the city. You can also reach out to fellow parents who have enrolled their children in the same organisation for peer-to-peer advice.

To sum it up, it is safe to say that play is the best form of learning and a well-established after-school daycare program understands that. If you are looking for excellent daycare facilities in and around your neighbourhood, make sure you check out KLAY Schools. Reach out to us and let us work together in providing your child with a home away from home.

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