Tips to Make Parenting Stress Free

Sep 8, 2016 | Read time: 3 mins

Sep 8, 2016 | Read time:
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Whether it’s hectic morning routines or a sudden injury, stress is an inevitable part of parenting. A troublingly large proportion of working parents suffer from mental or emotional strain. Seeing their parents effectively manage a nerve-racking situation gives children coping tools for handling their own stress. In this way, a stress free parent creates a happy household.

While it may not be possible to completely avoid stress, here are some tips to make parenting stress free.

  1. Eat Right: A well balanced diet gives us the sustenance to take on the challenges of the day. However, mealtime is frequently a source of stress. Establish regular family eating times and stick to it. Eating together with your child makes the meal more enjoyable for them. If getting kids to finish their meals is still proving difficult, please click here.
  2. Sleep well: Studies show that sleep deprivation impairs your memory, focus, judgment and concentration. To ensure your waking hours remain productive and to make parenting stress free, you and your little one must catch at least 8 hours of shut eye every night. Reading to your child before sleep makes bedtime something to look forward to.
  3. Set aside Playtime: Physical activity has been shown to reduce stress levels. It can also double as a fun way to spend time with your child. Change it up from day to day but the important thing is to schedule time to engage in stress busting activities like exercise, sport, dance or swimming. Even playing a simple game of catch together will help release those endorphins.
  4. Rely on others: Parents often try to do it all themselves and this leads to them being overwhelmed. It’s important to have a support system of friends and family you can rely on. And during trying times, remember that you are not alone. Don’t hesitate to approach your loved ones for help.
  5. Instill Good Manners: Showing each other a little kindness and respect goes a long way in maintaining a stress free atmosphere. Encourage small habits such as saying “Please” and “Thank you” to improve morale around the house. To know more on how to develop good habits and manners in your child click here.
  6. Adjust your Attitude: Your mood directly affects your family. When your patience with your child is at its limit, take a deep breath and collect your thoughts. Positivity and composure are your weapons in the any encounter against stress. Incorporate a few minutes of meditation into your daily routine to feel its benefits immediately.
  7. Do the Prep Work: Most daily stress accumulates from tiny oversights. Something as small as a missing sock while getting kids ready for school can add to the tension. Take time at the beginning and end of the day to check your to-do list and organize what you need for various tasks. As they say, preparation is half the battle won.
  8. Be Flexible: Ultimately, it’s important to have the ability to be flexible. Things often don’t go according to plan and being a parent is all about dealing with the unexpected. Trying to always be in control and insisting things only go your way will only result in needless stress. Your little one’s childhood is fleeting, so know when to let things go and have fun.

Do let us know below what you do to beat stress and how these tips to make parenting stress free worked out for you.

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