At KLAY The Learning Never Stops

The early years of a child are crucial and as parents and educators it is in our hands to ensure that our child’s learning never takes a backseat, despite the uncertain times that we live in. To ensure that your little ones make the most of their crucial foundation years, we have a range of online and in-person programs you can choose from for the new academic year 2021-2022 till our centres are up and running.

Please note that we are waiting for directives from the Government on the reopening of our in-centre preschool and daycare facilities. Once we get the go ahead from them, we will help you transition your little one to our in-centre programs if you wish or you can choose a hybrid of 2 programs that works best for you and your child.

Safety First @ KLAY

We promise to leave no stone unturned when it comes to your child’s health and safety. Here are some of our safety measures that we have in place to make sure your little ones are always safe and happy whichever learning format you choose for them.

Online Programs

Our online platforms are in sync with globally accepted norms. Download the guidelines so that together, we can create for your child a wonderful virtual learning experience.

Here are our online safety guidelines

In-Person Programs

Our KARE@Home program is delivered keeping in mind the highest safety standards. These are some of our safety measures in place.

  • Multiple levels of health screening, immunity checks and temperature testing.
  • Temperature check of the child, parents, teacher/caregiver and other family members of the teacher, 7 days prior to starting the program.
  • Multi-stage background checks and comprehensive psychometric analysis
  • All teachers and caregivers equipped with a comprehensive COVID-19 safety kit
  • Immunity tests for teachers and caregivers every 45 days
  • KNOW App for all teachers/caregivers for parents to approve login/logout times.
  • SOS and Women’s safety app installed on all caregivers and teacher’s mobile phones
  • Mandatory POCSO, POSH, First Aid and Fire Safety training for all teachers and caregiver

In-Centre Safety

Our safety protocols have always been stringent and even more so now. As we get our centres ready to welcome your little ones, here’s one of our centre directors as she takes us through the measures we have in place for your child when our centres open.

To know more about how we are creating a happy and safe space for your child, please click here

Back to School

The past 1 year and counting has been totally unprecedented and something that we never imagined. However, with the vaccination drive on full swing, we are sure that very soon we will be able to open our doors once again and welcome our children back.

Do rest assured that we will do what it takes to ensure that your children transition smoothly and happily from the online or in-person programs that they are a part of into our in-centre programs.

These are the programs available for your child at our centres when we re-open:

We will do what it takes to create a safe and happy place for your child!

Here’s what a day at KLAY in your child’s life will look like.

KLAY’s Early Years Matter Preschool Program

At KLAY, we set the foundations for key life skills that make your children ‘big school’ ready as well as ready for their life ahead.

We nurture them to be:

Curious | Collaborative | Confident | Empathetic | Independent

At KLAY, “We Teach the Way the Child Wants to Learn”

The KLAY Way of Learning

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are still waiting for the Government nod to reopen our preschool & Daycare centres, but we are hoping that it will be in time for the start of the next academic year in June 2021. This might differ state-wise though since the State Governments will take the final call on the date. However, in the meantime, you can block your seat right away and enroll your child in our range of online, in-person and at-home programs. Once our centres do open, you can continue to avail these programs or a hybrid of 2 of them, depending on your child’s learning needs and your requirements. Please speak to your respective Centre Directors or call us on 76767 08888 to do so.

As per our conversations with the Government, we are expecting a decision by end of March or
beginning of April. We will keep parents updated as and when we have updates so it gives you ample
time to plan ahead.

The reopening of our centres will be planned as per the below parameters. The end goal as always is to do our very best to ensure that you child is always safe at KLAY. 

Age groups: We will reopen for all age groups together – the infants will have their delegated space.  We might stagger the timings of entry and exit to avoid crowding at the entry area/reception. We will also watch if the Ministry of Women and Child imposes any restriction on the operations of day care facilities as childcare as a service falls under this ministry. 
Class strength: The number of children per class depends on the capacity per centre mandated by the Government. This is likely to be around 50% of total capacity. We will issue the availability further to intimation from the Government. 
Class duration: Initially, for the first two weeks (settling period), we will restrict classes to a shorter duration – between 1 to 2 hours depending on the age. We will slowly increase it according to the comfort level of the children.   

Absolutely! Preparations to welcome your little ones back to a safe and healthy place is happening in full swing. Due to the uncertainty, we do not expect you to pay the full fee upfront, but we do request you to block your seat at a KLAY centre near you, at the earliest, with a minimum advance fee. Since we will open in a phased manner, and might not have full occupancy, the total number of seats available would be lesser. Also, your confirmation of your child’s seat will help us plan better from a logistics, health, and safety standpoint. Please speak to your CDs at the earliest to complete the process.

We are working day and night to ensure we leave no stone unturned when it comes to the safety of the child. We have stringent processes like fumigation of centres before opening, regular deep cleaning and sanitization of centres through the day, centre staff temperature testing, and a strict visitor policy in place. As far as the children are concerned, we are looking at innovative ways to ensure physical distancing and compliance of basic hygiene practices. Temperature checks and sanitization are a given (we have been doing these even before the pandemic). Parents will need to monitor their temperature and that of the child from 7 days before they come to the centre. Parents will however not be allowed into the classrooms. We also have in place detailed response mechanisms in case there is an emergency and our staff are being trained to handle such situations promptly.  
Kindly refer to our comprehensive Safety Guidelines or watch this video for complete details. 

Once children return, they will go through KLAY’s intensive 2-week settling program to help them transition from home to school smoothly. Focusing on PSED – Personal Social and Emotional Development – of the child, activities will be built to give children an opportunity to self-express, gain confidence, and practice mindfulness. We strongly believe that the parent’s state of mind is an important contributor to how well the children settle. We have implemented mandatory Child Personal Record meetings for the parent to meet one-on-one with our curriculum expert so they have the right mindset and tools required to help manage the transition. In addition, parents have access to KLAY’s Parent Support Helpline in case they want to discuss their apprehensions/fears. 

The health and hygiene of your little one is and has always been of utmost priority to us. Our safety protocols have become even more stringent in the new normal and are based on CDC guidelines, international standards followed in preschools across the world and recommendations from our parent community. Do rest assured that we will do what it takes to ensure that we create for your little one a happy, healthy and safe place at KLAY. 

If your child is an infant and you are feeding your child, we are making arrangements for the parent to feed the child in a room that is separate from the rest of the children to reduce exposure. Parents will be able to know more on this during the centre tour/ or via a conversation with our centre directors. Please reach out to your centre director in case you would like to know more about the process. 

Yes, our online preschool classes and at home programs will run simultaneously with the in-centre classes. You can choose one or a hybrid of two formats as per your convenience or work schedule. We, however, recommend that you include physical classrooms as part of the plan as children in the early years (below 6 years) learn best in the company of other children and through play. Social interaction is extremely critical for their all-round development.  

Parents can choose a combination of two formats from the online, at home and in centre programs. The week will be split into 3 days of one format and 2 days of another. Parents can choose a combination basis their convenience of work from home and office schedules. That said, the child will be exposed to two different routines, two different learning environments and teachers, which the child will take some time to adapt and settle. Talk to your Centre Director to know more about our hybrid models. 

Yes, we will have both our online and in-person programs running simultaneously even after centres
reopen. Parents will also have the flexibility to choose a hybrid model – do stay tuned for more on this.

Yes, as mentioned in the previous response, our in-person programs will be available to use. We have
both our Teacher@Home and Caregiver@Home services which parents as choose as per their unique

This will depend on the capacity per centre mandated by the Government (likely to be ~50% of total
capacity). In case your child is unable to join the nearest centre, we can check at another centre which
has spare capacity

Yes, we will announce a hybrid model shortly, wherein parents can opt few days at center and the rest
at home.

No it will not be compulsory. We will leave it to the parent’s discretion when it comes to choosing the
format of learning – incentre/online/in-person at home – but we recommend children learn at our centres
to make the best of our in-centre learning environment and the benefits of social interaction

Yes, definitely. Please get in touch with your centre directors and they will ensure you find a seat close
to your new location. However, please bear in mind that this also depends on the capacity of the centre.
If your closest centre is already full, we can look at the next best option.

The KLAY After-school program will be the same as it was before. This program will also include a
settling period of two weeks during which the children will come in for a shorter duration of time.

The process varies if you are a new parent who is securing a seat versus and existing parent who is
looking to get promoted to the next level. You will receive a separate communication from us on the
process to block a seat for your child in a centre of your preference

You will be charged only for the format of learning that you would opt for your child. In case of
exigencies, if the centre needs to shut or the child is unwell and cannot come to the centre, you can
always opt for the online learning option for your child for that period, without any extra fee.

The annual fee for the year needs to be paid, apart from the monthly tuition fee. This is same as before.
There is no separate renewal fee

If you have moved cities you can opt for a transfer within the KLAY centres.

If you are looking to withdraw your child from KLAY, yes, your fee will be refunded. If you wish to
continue with us, it will be adjusted with the fee of the program of your choice. Your Centre Director will
reach out to you with further details.

If you are opting for an in-centre admission, it will be regarded as a separate program and we need to
do the enrolment process again. You can block your seat here. If you are already part of the
KARE@Home program and you wish to continue, you can do so

There would be different options available under the Hybrid learning model. It will not be the sum total
of the fees of the two programs, if you are choosing a hybrid of two formats. It will be a pro-rate fee and
you will definitely not be paying twice. You will hear from us shortly about the hybrid programs and the
associated fees.

We have chalked out detailed emergency response mechanisms in case a staff member or a child
develops symptoms or is tested positive.
If child/staff shows symptoms
• Isolation in sick room till parent arrival
• Evaluate situation for 3 days
• If symptoms don’t persist, centre to be operational after deep cleaning
If child/staff is tested positive –
• Isolation in sick room till parent arrival
• Home isolation and COVID test if symptoms persist
• Centre closure for stipulated days (based on no. of cases)
• Disinfection of centre by pest control agency
Kindly refer to our comprehensive brochure for complete details

The distribution of the vaccines has just begun for senior citizens or those with comorbities. Once it is
available for all, we will attempt to have the centre staff vaccinated.

We will conduct the Antigen Test for all centre staff before reopening. This will be followed by regular
Antigen tests every quarter. However, if the staff is already vaccinated, this may not be required.

Yes, our staff will wear masks at all times. All support staff will wear freshly washed aprons and teachers
will wear clean waistcoats at all times. Kitchen, housekeeping and security staff will wear caps,
protective gear and gloves at all times.

While it is good for all of us to get vaccinated, it is impossible to mandate this when it is not yet available
to all. We will wait to hear from the Government on this. In the meanwhile, we recommend you follow
all the preventive measures like sanitization of hands, wearing masks.

We will decide basis the travel history and the State Government guidelines on testing prior/post travel
for this. It is always better to err on the side of caution, and so we recommend that parents self-isolate
for 14 days post travel and monitor themselves and their children for any symptoms before sending
them to school.

While we know that it is difficult to get our children to sit in one place and maintain a distance from their
friends, it is our endeavour to implement adequate measures so children follow physical distancing rules
to their best possible ability, while at the centre. Demarcated spots for each child, reduced class
strength, rearrangement of furniture and staggering of activities will be implemented to ensure physical

Yes CCTVs will be available for parents to monitor their child while they are in school

Yes, temperature of the immediate family staying in the same house as that of the child will need to be
recorded on the KLAY Kommunity app.

Our centres are equipped with Microwaves and if parents are OK, heating food prior to serving can be
done by the staff. All support staff will be using PPE’s – Mask, gloves, head cap, aprons etc. as a
precautionary measure.
Alternately, we suggest dropping off the lunch just before mealtime. In any case, opening our kitchens
considering the current circumstances is a risk we must not take.

Once children return, they will go through KLAY’s intensive 2-week settling program to help them
transition from home to school smoothly. Focusing on PSED – Personal Social and Emotional
Development – of the child, activities are built to give children an opportunity to self-express, gain
confidence, and practice mindfulness. We strongly believe that the parent’s state of mind is an important
contributor to how well the children settle. We have implemented mandatory CPR meetings for the
parent to meet one-on-one with our curriculum expert so they have the right mindset and tools required
to help manage the transition. In addition, parents have access to KLAY’s Parent Support Helpline in
case they want to discuss their apprehensions/fears.
If the child is an infant, we are making arrangements for the parent to feed the child in a room that is
separate from the rest of the children to reduce exposure. Parents will be able to know more on this
during the centre tour/ or via a conversation with our centre directors.

We will follow the State guidelines of age criteria while determining which class your child will go to. In
case your child has had no formal learning intervention in the last year, we will recommend going
through the missed class, considering their holistic development. Please talk to your CDs and request
to speak to our curriculum experts to discuss this in detail.

Having a fixed routine of classes through the week will help the child settle better. Having the parent
over the weekend and again in the normal school environment through the week will confuse the child.
We recommend the child going through our planned classes through the week so they can get used to
the new environment better.

We currently have three learning formats available – in-centre, online and in-person at home and two
care formats available – in-centre and in-person at home. Kindly go through the detailed information on
the respective pages on our website. We now also offer hybrid learning models of the incentre along
with online or Teacher@Home. Stay tuned for more information on this.

Owing to COVID-19, most of our contracts are either active OR on hold, however our corporate SPOCs
have been very responsive with regard to parents seeking admissions whenever we have reached out.
Please do get in touch with us on IVR or respective Centre Director for us to determine this on a caseto-case basis

We understand the concern, and offer a hybrid model where the child can take up at-home learning
models on the days they are at home. Do contact your centre directors to understand which is the centre
open nearest to you and we should be able to accommodate your child basis availability.

Absolutely! We will just need to check if the corporate tie-up allows for the flexibility, else we are happy
to speak to your company and facilitate the same. Please do get in touch with the respective centre
director and/ KA manager for further details.
In the interest of the child settling, we recommend you don’t change the centres from time-to-time once
the child has been admitted.

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