11 Fun Summer Activities For Kids

May 3, 2018 | Read time: 7 mins

May 3, 2018 | Read time:

Wondering how to survive yet another couple of months of summer vacations with a bored child at home? Enjoying some quality one-on-one time with your little one is probably the best aspect of summer vacations. It is a refreshing break from the action-packed, monotonous school days when you get into auto-play mode and hardly get a few hours to spend with your child. However, it is only a matter of time till you run out of things to do with your little one and face the herculean task of keeping the “fun” alive. Read on for some exciting, fun-filled activities that you and your child can indulge in this summer, with the added bonus of strengthening your eternal bond.

1. Help them get creative with art and craft

Children and art and craft have always been synonymous with each other. From contemporary art forms like finger painting and blow painting to out-of-the-box craft ideas like paper quilling and DIY projects, the world is your oyster. You can either enroll them in classes or get creative and look up fun summer activities for kids on YouTube. Remember, whatever the outcome is, spending quality time with your little one is what makes all the difference.

2. Let them have a splash of fun

There is nothing more fun and refreshing than impromptu water-based activities with your child to beat the heat. You can either go the conventional way and opt for a thrilling day at the swimming pool or the beach or try something new and watch them jump in excitement. For example, you can cut up colourful sponges, soak them in some soapy water and let your child assist you while you clean your car with an occasional water fight to keeps things lively!

3. Introduce them to self defense

In today’s day and age, self-defense has become more of a necessity than an optional life skill, and relaxed summer vacations are the perfect time to introduce your child to it. From mainstream defense techniques like Karate and Kung Fu to contemporary ones like Judo and Taekwon-Do, there are a multitude of defense lessons out there your child can benefit from. If your child does not like the idea of taking these classes, you can join them too and make it your summer routine!

4. Loosen their senses with pottery making

There is nothing more calming and engaging than pottery making. Apart from being one of the best summer activities for kids, it is also excellent for improving hand-eye coordination and teaching your child the power of patience and staying calm. The best part of this activity is that it triggers your little one’s imagination as they work towards making a quirky design set in their minds or just go with the flow to see what the outcome is. These pots can later be preserved as souvenirs of the summer. Additionally, children love playing in wet mud and getting a little muddy without the faint voice of a concerned parent in the background!

5. Teach them to cook up a storm

Make your child a little chef’s hat out of paper and watch them unleash their culinary powers in the kitchen. Whether you are planning to make a wholesome chocolate cake or trying something more out-of-the-box; let your child be your sous chef for the day and watch their eyes light up in excitement. This way, they are more likely to finish the meal they helped cook and develop healthy eating habits. They will also have a massive story to narrate when they head back to school.

6. Nurture the bookworm in them

Summers are the perfect time to inculcate the wonderful habit of reading. Spend time every evening reading to your little one. As you read, point to the pictures of the book and stress on the phonics to help them read on their own in the future. Invest in vibrant books that are packed with pictures and illustrations and have a meaningful lesson in the end which will benefit your child. This is one of the best summer activities for kids which will help them in the long-run as well.

7. Bring them a step closer to nature

Why not take advantage of the warmth and heat and teach your child the basics of gardening this summer? Take your little one to a neighbourhood nursery and let them pick out plants of their choice. Watch them listen eagerly as you ask the person in charge for tips and suggestions for daily maintenance.  As you water the plants, you can teach them all about how plants grow from seeds and watch them jump with joy when they witness their first bloom.

8. Host a sleepover for them

Sleepovers help children become independent and enhance their socialising skills with a dash of fun and much-needed bonding with friends. Summer vacations are perfect for sleepovers as you do not have the hassle of sending the children to school in the morning. You can make things interesting by opting for cheerful themes, ordering scrumptious food and watching the children bond over games and memorable conversations. It is also a good break for fellow moms, until it’s their time to host the next sleepover.

9. Let them shake a leg

Music has a very positive effect on children and is one of the top summer activities for kids. Let your child explore the wonders of music by enrolling them in a music class. Whether it is learning an instrument, playing in a band or training their vocal chords, music can help them take a break from the competitive world and just have fun. You can also choose between traditional Indian music and western music classes as per your child’s preference. If singing or playing an instrument is not your child’s forte, try dance classes instead. Dance helps enhance their coordination skills and helps make them more confident as they perform in front of a crowd.

10. Go on a road trip with them

Summer vacations are incomplete if not tipped off with a quintessential trip. A road trip is also one of the best summer activities for kids. Whether you are planning to visit your extended family in another city or just explore new places, taking your children along will teach them the benefits of travel and the healing effect it has on us. If a road trip is too far-fetched, you can also try just spending a stress-free weekend together!

11. Sign them up for a summer camp

Summer camps are packed with exciting and fun things to do and are a one-stop-shop for both parents and children. They offer an array of summer activities for kids that tap all verticals from food and art to science and even robotics. Children learn the fun way, with the additional bonus of making new friends and developing social skills. If you are looking for a summer camp near you, check out KLAY School’s Imaginarium Summer Camp, for action-packed activities that trigger your child’s imagination and help them explore as they learn.

With such stunning summer activities for kids, your child is bound to have a ball of a time. Whatever be your choice of activity, make sure you spend as much time with them as possible, as summers will pass by but these memories you make with them will be cherished forever.

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