Healthy food for kids to gain weight

Apr 4, 2018 | Read time: 4 mins

Apr 4, 2018 | Read time:

One of the biggest challenges of motherhood is the eternal task of making sure your kid is receiving the right amount of nutrition on a daily basis. However, monitoring the food intake of a child who is underweight and altering their food habits is a different chapter altogether. Apart from just a balanced diet, you also need to ensure you are giving your little one a generous dose of calorie-rich food to help them gain weight. Let’s take a look at the seven healthy foods for kids to gain weight.


This humble vegetable is rich in carbohydrates, amino acids and dietary fibre, making weight-gain a healthy affair. Additionally, it is delicious and a favourite amongst kids. You can either mash them up and serve them as a side dish or stir fry them with a little seasoning. You can also treat your little one to the other popular variant of this vegetable – the sweet potato. From sweet potato pancakes to wholesome sweet potato soup, take your pick as per your little one’s preferences.


Eggs are known to be the richest source of proteins, vitamins and healthy fats. They are the most sought-after healthy foods for kids to gain weight. They aid in proportionate weight gain and also help in maintaining a healthy weight bracket. Apart from packing your little one’s diet with calories, eggs help in the vital development of the brain and nervous system as well. Make sure your tiny tot has a boiled egg every day for breakfast and you are sorted!


Bananas are the quickest source of energy and are packed with healthy carbohydrates for weight gain. On an average, a banana is known to have around 105 calories, making it the go-to snack for active little ones. Additionally, this versatile fruit can be consumed in the form of milkshakes, fruit salads, creamy desserts, or just eaten directly. They are readily available in the Indian subcontinent and are easy on the pocket too.

Dairy products

Basic dairy products like milk, cheese and butter are staples in any child’s diet. Milk is loaded with a good dose of calcium which helps in building strong bones and keeping the overall health of your little one in check. Make sure you give your kid at least two glasses of milk per day to reach their goal weight. Instead of giving them plain milk, you can ensure they get their daily intake in the form of cereals or milkshakes. Butter is also a main source of healthy fats that will accelerate the weight-gain process.

Chicken and other lean meats

It is a known fact that chicken is a rich source of proteins and helps in building muscle in the body. This type of healthy fat-gaining is the best way to make your little one put on weight without making them look too flabby or chubby. The best part about chicken is that it is easy to cook and a staple favourite amongst most non-vegetarians.

Dry fruits

All our previous generations have believed in the healing power of dry fruits. It is one of the most healthy foods for kids to gain weight. Not only are these magic potions packed with vital nutrients, but they are also high in fibre and will give your tiny tot the much-needed calorie boost. Additionally, they are known for increasing your little one’s immunity. You can either grind all the dry fruits together to make a home-made powder that can be served with milk or just give them to your child to snack on while watching TV. From cashews and almonds to dates, apricots and pistachios, there are a plethora to choose from!


Apart from helping kids gain weight, oats have a multitude of other nutritional benefits. Due to its rich fibre content, they are excellent for aiding healthy bowel movements and prevention of constipation. They are one of the best dishes to start your day with and are packed with iron, zinc, magnesium and thiamine, making every bite a healthy one. Whether you are looking for a meal plan for a one year old or searching for a nutritive diet for your school-going kid, oats is the answer to all your food-related queries.

With the daily intake of these healthy foods for kids to gain weight, you can be rest-assured that your little one is getting all the vital nutrients into their body without curbing their active and energetic lifestyle. We, at KLAY, ensure that your tiny tot gets all the nutrition they need to remain in pink of health.

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