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We are pioneering employer sponsored daycare wave in India. Our aim is to bring women back to workforce and give them a safe, caring and a learning environment in which they can entrust their children. KLAY engages with multiple corporates through various daycare models designed to cater to the needs of the employees, leading to a committed and productive workforce. The services that we offer to these organizations range from basic emergency care (a quick win for the HR Team) to more concentrated day care services. KLAY successfully runs 41 daycare centers across India with presence in 6 different cities.

Corporate daycare setups are executed through our brand The Little Company

Our daycare engagement models with corporates are as follows-

  • Onsite facility - An exclusive facility set up in the premises of the corporate with the fit out and set up costs borne by the corporate. KLAY becomes the operating partner.

  • Near-site exclusive daycare - Incase of space constraint in the premises we set up a near site facility for the corporate and run it exclusively for them. The fit out and set up cost is borne by the company. KLAY-TLC is the operating partner.

  • Near-site non-exclusive facility - KLAY sets up a near site facility for the corporate with maximum number of seats blocked by the corporate who is the anchor client and rest of the seats open for other corporates/retail admissions.

  • Underwriting model - Corporates underwrite seats across all KLAY locations, enabling employees to choose centers close to work place or residence, as per their requirement. KLAY takes care of the set up, hiring and training costs. Corporates block required number of seats by paying the admission fee and monthly tuition fee towards un-utilized seats. This is one of the most preferred model, as it ensures guaranteed seats across the country even during peak admission seasons.

  • Subsidy Model - Where the corporate further subsidizes 30 to 50 % of the fees for the employees.

  • For all corporate enquiries, please get in touch with Neha Myer at 95-91-151617