klay preschool in lavelle road, bangalore

Preschool & Day Care

KLAY Prep school and Day care is located on CV Raman road, adjacent to the Army Public School. The atmosphere at KLAY offers an opportunity for children to engage in learning experiences - both indoors and outdoors. The school environment is filled with natural sunlight and fresh air adding beauty to the school. Further, there are many interesting activities crafted so children can engage, explore and learn, individually or in groups.

  We maintain low adult-child ratios and provide Live CCTV streaming. The centre offers full daycare, half daycare and kindergarten/ preschool programs for children of ages from 6 months till 6 years. We also offer after school facility catering to school students up to 10 years of age. 


New No. 13, Old No. 227,
Old Tumkur Road,
Rajmahal Vilas, BBMP Ward No. 99,
Aramane Nagar, Raj Mahal Vilas Extension,
Armane Nagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560080


Phone: +91 7349737683

Programs and Timings


Puja comes with more than 11 years experience in Early Childhood Education. She holds a degree in Maria Montessori Training and attended various workshops on Multiple Intelligence and Making PYP happen in the classroom. During her professional experience Puja has taken diverse roles and responsibilities revolving around children development(both academic and skill enhancement).
Puja is passionate about working with young children and is dedicated to setting up positive environment for children which promote experiential learning along with being meaningful and effective.