Know Your Flowers

in The World of Blossoms

for Toddlers

Let’s bounce around the beautiful world of blossoms, developing our vocabulary and identifying colours along the way.

Session Preparation

  • Exercise with flower songs
  • Let’s greet and meet and review the Calendar
  • Identify and name the flowers of lotus, marigold, hibiscus and rose
  • Suncatcher sensorial activity with the parent
  • ‘How flowers got their colours ‘and lots of fun rhymes
  • I was able to perform the actions in the song.
  • I attempted to hum the tune of the flower song.
  • I was able to follow the instructions
  • I tried to babble and say Lotus
  • I pointed to rose when the presenter asked “where is rose?”.
  • I was able to identify and name the colours associated with the flowers shown
  • I enjoy spending time engaged in pretend play
How to use this?
Use the above points to check if your child could follow along with the activities. If you mark yes, for any point, it means your child could understand the topic. If no, they’ll need to be walked through the lesson again.

During Mealtime: Encourage the child to name what they are eating and identify the different colours on their plate. Is there anything else in the plate that is of the same colour?

During the Day: Encourage children to observe flowers and flower patterns around them whether on clothes,in magazines or anywhere around. Hum the flower rhyme while doing daily chores.

Download this worksheet 

Tape the suncatcher bag on the window for the child to explore. If that is not feasible, then tape this on the table.

Alert: The child will enjoy exploring the flowers as they play around in the packet. The color globules also move around and is a great sensory stimulation. Kindly leave it at a convenient place for the child to explore and remove it only when you see the interest of the child waning over a period of time.

Objectives of the week

Let’s bounce around the beautiful world of blossoms, developing our vocabulary and identifying colours along the way.

Sessions of the week

Tue, May 5Know your Flowers
Thurs, May 7More your Flowers
Fri, May 8Explore a Garden

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