The last one year has given us a chance to innovate and up the ante to provide safe,
at-home learning solutions that will suit the unique needs of working parents. The new
academic year is upon us and we think that hybrid, at-home models of learning are here to
stay. The good news is that, we at KLAY, are well-prepared with the best tools, resources,
technology and techniques to cater to your child’s learning and care needs.

Here's what you can choose from:

KLAYTopia is a comprehensive preschool program complete with hands-on
activities and virtual video sessions that come to you in a box. The monthly
activity box is packed with all the experience we have gained in real
classrooms over the last 10 years.

A 10-month curriculum
+ 2 enrichment boxes to
complete the learning

30 hours
of constructive 

Socio emotional
support by

Fortnightly intervention
by curriculum experts to help
parents naviagte the program

Access to
a gamified KLAY@Home
learning platform

Comprehensive assessment
of child’s physical and
cognitive development

Learn©Home is our live, online, classroom-format program that is progressive and
spans the entire academic year The program has a perfect mix of live online classes,
take home assignments and interactive sessions to develop your child’s cognitive,
physical, emotional and creative skills.

New Dynamic and Adaptable Platform

A new Teams integrated, gamified, easy to use platform called Playablo,
comes with avatars, interactive games and rewards to make learning more
fun. Comprehensive platform has access to the child’s assignments, learning
resources, report cards and certificates all-in-one place.

KLAY Way of Learning

Our curriculum focuses on the holistic development of the child and is
suitably mapped to age-appropriate objectives and outcomes. Based on
Dr Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, the KLAY curriculum
empowers the child to be able to establish a routine, follow directions,
make friends and work independently.

Socio-emotional & Physical Development

A multi-sensory environment that includes group activities, role plays, story
time and drama that have been curated to meet the child’s social, emotional,
physical and emotional milestones. We make them ‘Big School Ready’ and
‘Life Ready’!

Weekend Classes

For working parents, we have weekend classes that give you time to bond with your
child as they are learning with you!

Robust Assessment Process

180-degree evaluation, milestone tracking and term-wise assessments, to
let you know of your child’s progress

Active and Constructive Screen Time

A staggered, active and productive screen time to ensure a two-way
communication between the child and the teacher, ideal for children in
their formative years

Experienced and Expert Teachers

KLAY Teachers are real Heroes and we can proudly say that as they always
go that extra mile when it comes to creating the bond and settling the
child in the new environment.

Built specifically to solve for specific needs of working parents, KARE®Home is a
unique, in-person solution to deliver teaching and care services at your home.
KLAY-trained teachers and caregivers will provide our services with all comprehensive
health and safety protocols in place.

Proven Curriculum

“KLAY Way” of providing holistic
learning for children at home

Opportunity to socialize

Social bubbles allow for children to
learn from each other and be happy

Safety on Your Mind

Staff passes through multi-stage
background checks, psychometric
analysis and other fool-proof

Social Bubble Model
For peer-peer learning to ease your child's transition to physical classrooms when it is safe to do so

Panel Discussion: Together, Apart – Uniting Efforts for Children in the New World Order

With children out of school, physical distancing as the new norm, and children’s rights under threat, the new world order has “turned back the clock” on years of progress made on children’s well-being. However, it’s not all bad. As a human race, we’ve been built to adapt: we’ve seen a tipping point in technology-enabled education and the promise of a new education policy in our country.

What can we, as influencers of change in the education space, do to create a better tomorrow for children? Join us for a panel discussion where we can come together to unite our efforts to secure the future of the nex-gen and create a better tomorrow for children.

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What do we see on road?

Count the vehicles and Drag and drop the ones that you may see on the road

Safe or Unsafe?

Identify the safe options

Fly, Fly, Fly Away

Count backwards from 5 to 1 and release the hot air balloons in the sky

Think and Respond

Identify the letter sounds

Let’s go on a ride in different modes of transport

Identify the pictures and match with the correct option

Listen to the sound

Identify the sounds of the letters