What Did Dinos Eat?​

in Extinct World of Dinosaur

for Pre Schoolers

 Let’s explore the life of a Dinosaur and learn about their different names and the food that they ate.

Session Preparation

1. Intro Video

2. Expert Talk: The Power of Repetition for Children

3. Let’s Get Started:​ ​ ​Dino exercises to stretch those legs and arms

4.  Language is Fun: Do you know the different types of Dinosaurs that used to exist? 

5. Beyond Numbers: Fill in the missing numbers using big fat dino eggs.
6. Creative Expression and More:​ Have fun making your own Dinosaur mask?


  • I was able to fill in the missing numbers from 1 to 20
  • I was able to tell the number that comes after​ a particular number
  • I was able to listen and clap for words in sentences​
  • I attempted to read simple sight words​​
How to use this? This is a development tracker that will help you identify your child’s skill and level of competency. You may want to revisit the KLAY @Home sessions if you think your child needs more time to hone the skills addressed in the sessions.

During Mealtime: Go over the items on the table and in the plate with your child and play the game “I spy with my eye”. For example, you can say “I spy with my eye something on the table which begins with the sound ‘p’. You can also play this game with the ending sounds of any word.​

During the Day: As a family, you can discuss the day’s routine by listing out all that you do during the day. You can also play a game where you can count objects around the room you are in. For example, You could count the number of cushions, the number of pencils on the table or the number of plates on the shelf etc.​

Objectives of the week

The fascinating world of extinct animals awaits us. Do you know all about Dinosaurs?

Sessions of the week

Mon, May 18 All About Dino World​
Wed, May 20 What Did Dinos Eat?
Fri, May 22 More About Dino World

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