Whales and Jellyfish​

in Life Under the Sea

for Toddlers

 Join us as we take a look at the lives of a Jellyfish and a Whale.

Session Preparation

1. Intro Video

2. Expert Talk: There is science behind a child’s love for the animal world

3. Let’s Get Started: ​A bit of Hokey Pokey and starjump songs to warm up

4. Learning is Fun: Sort the big and small sea animals into the big and small baskets

6. Creative Expression and More:​ Listen to a story about the deep blue sea.



  • I can identify a Jellyfish and a Whale

  • I attempted to say ‘Jellyfish’ and ‘Whale’

  • I was able to roll the playdough.

  • I can identify big and small objects.

How to use this?

This is a development tracker that will help you identify your child’s skill and level of competency. You may want to revisit the KLAY @Home sessions if you think your child needs more time to hone the skills addressed in the sessions.

During Mealtime: Enjoy a family mealtime game of ‘Can you find?’.  Every member takes turns in asking a question describing the food that is being served. This game will not only help your child develop his/her food vocabulary but will also make mealtime enjoyable. For example, Can you find something green and round? (peas)?​

During The Day: Encourage your children to talk about the animals they see around them and try to imitate the sounds they make.

Objectives of the week

This week we will dive into the lives of some of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating sea animals as we explore life underwater.

Sessions of the week

Tue, May 26 Dolphins And Turtles
Thurs, May 28 Whales and Jellyfish
Fri, May 29 All About a Starfish

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