Teach your child to create success from failure.

Not learning how to tolerate failure leaves children vulnerable to anxiety and a whole lot of stress. If you have ever wondered how to make your child confident and resilient, then this webinar is just for you!

Physical safety for children is important, but don’t stop at that.

A Webinar on ‘Child Safety’ that not only talks about physical safety but also explores all aspects related to creating a safe environment for your little one!

Child abuse

A talk about why child sexual is so rampant, and how it can be reported.The importance of teaching children about their body parts and personal safety, and how to converse with a child on safe and unsafe touches.

Behavioural challenges in the early years – What you can do as a parent

Addressing the most common challenge that parents come across during parenting is fussy eating and other challenges like breath holding while crying, nail biting, thumb sucking and tantrums.

Parenting in the digital age – who has the remote?

Are you worried about screen time and how to strike a balance between technological and social stimulation in your child?

Harvesting happiness in children

We all want to raise children who are happy and contented, children who find joy in even the smallest of things. If you have every wondered how to inculcate in your little one positivity and optimism, then this webinar is just for you.

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Panel Discussion: Together, Apart – Uniting Efforts for Children in the New World Order

With children out of school, physical distancing as the new norm, and children’s rights under threat, the new world order has “turned back the clock” on years of progress made on children’s well-being. However, it’s not all bad. As a human race, we’ve been built to adapt: we’ve seen a tipping point in technology-enabled education and the promise of a new education policy in our country.

What can we, as influencers of change in the education space, do to create a better tomorrow for children? Join us for a panel discussion where we can come together to unite our efforts to secure the future of the nex-gen and create a better tomorrow for children.

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