KLAY Kindergarten K-2

Age group: 5 yrs onwards

K-2 program gives exposure to ICT program along with focus on Being Literate and Being Numerate.

The KLAY Kindergarten K-2 program is an extension of our pre-school program and is designed to give children a strong foundation in the skills and academic excellence that will be needed to enter regular school. Our K-2 program helps develop physical, personal, social, emotional skills; literature and language skills; logical-mathematical skills; creative and expressive skills; and knowledge and understanding of the world. Our curriculum's approach allows each child to explore reading, math, science, music, movement and field trips to meet our five frameworks of learning – Being Literate, Being Numerate, Being Knowledgeable, Being Healthy and Being Expressive.

KLAY values teacher facilitated and child oriented curriculum with sequential instruction to ensure that children are prepared for the adventure of having lifelong love for learning. Our K-2 program is aligned with State, CBSE, ICSE and IB school standards so children will be prepared to confidently enter first grade.

K-2 Daily routine

1. Arrival Activity
2. Routine Circle time
3. Concept Introduction
4. Exploring the learning centres – Language, Math, Art, Role play, Block, Discovery (Sand & Water, Sensory, Nature)
5. Story Time / Music & Movement / Puppet Show/ Creative Art / Outdoor
1. Nap time
2. Freshen up
3. Outdoor
4. Video time
5. Free play and getting ready for departure
6. Lunch