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Uppal Southend

Uppal Southend

Preschool & Daycare

Welcome to KLAY Uppal Southend! Just a few minutes away from Vatika city, we offer a home away from home for children from 6 months to 10 years old. We have beautiful outdoor play areas and a spacious Infants room. All rooms get natural light and are equipped with camera access for parents. Our edu-carers ensure the best possible care and attention for children. We make learning fun for children, develop their curiosity and encourage them to become life-long learners.


Plot.No.1, W-Block, Sohna Road,
Uppal Southend, Sector 49,
Gurugram, Haryana 122018



Phone: +91 7676708888

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Programs and Timings

Programs and Timings: 8.30am-7.30 pm, 9am-6 pm, 9am-1.30 pm and 9 am -3.30 pm. Schooling , ASDC and EDC programs also available.


Namita, a graduate in psychology and an MBA, joined KLAY in September 2014 as an Assistant Teacher in a part time role when her own children were young and needed her care. She had started her career with HCL Technologies BPO Services in 2001 and gained over a decade of experience in Operations, HR, sales and account management in various organizations including two start-ups before joining KLAY.

Based on her performance, she soon rose to the position of Head Teacher and then Centre Director at the Cybercity Centre. Since July 2017, she heads the Uppal Southend centre.

In her words, “My journey at KLAY has been wonderful. I enjoy spending time with children and working here gave me an excellent opportunity to teach children in a nurturing environment. It has been a lot of fun working here.

The staff at KLAY is caring, hardworking and highly creative. KLAY offers a friendly platform for a child’s all round development. Our low adult-child ratios allow teachers to focus on the individual learning styles and needs of each child while maintaining the human touch.

KLAY also devotes time to training teachers regularly. Children learn various skills through play and pick up healthy eating habits too since we also provide a variety of healthy meals and snacks. While parents work hard at office, we work hard with the children to make them confident and take on life.

I enjoy interacting with parents and almost become a part of the family. Observing the growth and development of each child gives me a feeling of great satisfaction.”


Aradhana & Santosh

Parents of Rudra Pratap Singh( pre-nursery)

my son Rudra Pratap Singh has got admission to the next grade in one of the school. Hence,he would not continue with Klays now. I just want to mention that we had a very good experience with this school and would strongly recommend to my family and friends.We as a parent used to feel so relaxed at our office because we were too sure that our child is in safe and caring hands.The base which you created for my son helped him a lot to adjust to the new school so quickly. Your staff were very professional and very friendly and caring.I just wanted to mention here that prashansa mam(Rudra's class teacher) is the only women whom my son used to admire and love after me and my mom and used to talk about her at home.She is a motherly figure for my son.Please pass my special thanks to her. I would like to thank poorva mam and Meena Didi on behalf of my son who take care of him just like a mother.

Akanksha Agarwal

Mother of Avya

Thank you so much Namita and Team. It's said " Teaching is a work of heart" and after having Avya in the infant section for more than a quarter now- I can say without and iota of doubt that you imbibe it and instill it fully in your brilliant team too. Thank you all for truly being the best teachers Avya could have, especially Namita for taking care of all our issues/problems, Kanika for the constant updates on Avya whenever I call – she relentlessly helps thoroughly, Priyanka for truly being the mother my child misses when I’m in office and all the didis from Raj didi, Rinku and the other two didi in the infant section- the most loving and caring Didis Avya could have. I’m truly blessed and glad to take the decision of sending Avya to Klay, Uppal Southend. It’s the teachers and staff that makes a school so wonderful and you guys are exceptional!

Varsha Ashish

One of the best day care facilities on Sohna Road, Gurgaon. My nephew studied here for one semester and we were overjoyed with the kind of personalized care each member of the Staff provides. A special thanks to the principal Ms Namita Jain for her excellent management.

Varthika Singh

I was to come to India for a year-long assignment and so we decided to admit my elder son who was 2 yrs 8 months at the time, to a day-care cum play school in India. Needless to say I was a little skeptical about the schools in India given that he was used to a certain way in London. We had shortlisted 3 schools for my son's day care but what helped us decide on KLAY was their dedicated and educated staff and extreme attention to detail. We admitted our son to KLAY Uppal Southend branch on Sohna Road and it was the best semester we have experienced thus far. KLAY sticks to their motto of Learning and takes customized care for each child. My son would not have settled in and learnt so many things had it not been for the arduous efforts put in by Neha Ma'am, Punita Ma’am and their staff in junior toddlers section. They were especially caring for any specific schedule that my son followed be it a breakfast banana or a rolled up paratha. Through their CCTV coverage, it was so easy to see your child's routine and appreciate the painstaking efforts of the staff in maintaining the discipline, cleanliness and helping have your child a home away from home. My heartfelt gratitude to the Staff and Ms Namita Jain (Principal, KLAY Sohna Road) for making school a fun place and something to look forward to for my son.

Aditya & Ashima

Parents of Athrav

Hello KLAY team, Atharv joined KLAY in May 2017 and it’s been 11months being associated with KLAY. Earlier we had lot concerns when he was enrolled. Constantly we approached you to get it resolved and KLAY warmly welcomed all our requests. Initially it took time for KLAY to provide resolution because the Center was new, Staff was less but with the time I have seen progressive improvements. Now the center looks much stabilized in comparison to last year. Another good point is that the center continue to add on infrastructure to provide protection to kids like- safeguard on walls, corners, doors, floors, etc… KLAY’s focus on taking kids out for outdoor play is also appreciable as natural air/light is important for their growth. According to me, the areas of improvements are mainly related to CCTV and activities in Infants. In nap room it’s hard to figure out that whether there is a kid or not in the cot. Probably you need to change the position of CCTV. Also, CCTV streaming is not yet stabilized as it breakdown quite often. Regarding activity, mostly i have seen kids playing own their own and I feel that in comparison to newsletter, not all activities are performed You may need to plan it in better way to cover all activities. Having said this, your team is always ready to provide us information over phone when CCTV is not working or they notice any problem with kids. I feel happy when I see Atharv speaking or doing an activity that I have not make him learn. I really appreciate the efforts your team is putting in taking care of our kids. Patience and affection towards kids is what you need to handle such small kids and I believe that’s what your team has. Taking care of their basic needs and providing it timely is not an easy task. When I drop Atharv in the morning to daycare, the way he goes running towards teacher/Didi and when I pick him up in the evening, the way he greets teacher makes me feel happy and satisfied that my kid is in safe hands.

Sibasis Das

Excellent place to nurture young minds. Well trained faculty, cooperative and take care of our kids fabulously. Great teacher to student ratio.

Anubha Rai

My daughter has been going to this day care for the past 4 months now. I am a very happy KLAY parent as KLAY staff and set up provides for an overall nurturing environment for infants. The caregiver to child ratio is the best I have seen in any other similar facility. They are very open to feedback and try to engage kids as much as possible in the entire day. Its tidiness and hygiene of the staff also reassures me as a mother. I can concentrate on my work knowing that my baby is in good hands and taken care of. The live monitoring facility is another plus point as I can see my child throughout the day and monitor her well being, not that it is much required with KLAY! Priyanka Mam is very patient and is always dealing with the kids in a very calm manner with a smile on her face. Overall I would recommend KLAY to any parent who are struggling to manage work and childcare.