KLAY – A Second Home to Little Ones!

Jan 7, 2020 | Read time: 6 mins

Jan 7, 2020 | Read time:
preschool daycare second home for children

Well! One of the most treasured phases of life is undoubtedly the initial phases of one’s motherhood😊 – the pampered mom, the adored and adorable baby, the growing bonding within the family, the countless number of hugs and kisses exchanged and much more! This is just a beginning of a beautiful journey called motherhood. Does the life of a mother seem to be rosy? Wait!

What’s that hullabaloo?! Let us lend our ears – ‘Oops, it is already 6 months. My career! Will my professional life come to a standstill?’, ’Who will take care of my child as I do?’, ‘Will my child get the same attention and care that I provide if I leave for work?’, ‘Am I being a very protective mom?’, ‘Am I capable enough to balance work and life after a child?’, ‘Home maker – Is it the only option? ’, blah, blah, blah.. are some of the daunting questions that continuously haunts a working mother, after that 6-month honey moon period.

Like any other working woman, I too had the same set of emotions running over and over. The one step solution to combat this mixed feeling of guilt and low confidence was our hero ‘Google’! It is human nature to go on a look out for beings, who are in the same boat as me and I navigated through the various mama and baby forums to understand their different means to overcome such similar situations. Bingo! Day cares and play schools were the most preferred choices. My hunt didn’t stop there and as any anxious mama would think, I had the same standard queries or rather doubts within me about selecting an ideal day care center for my child.

Finally, my dear husband and I drilled down to a final list of our requirements from a day care cum play school – Safety, Sanitization, Social behavior, Learning and Communication. We wore the hat of a vigilant squad and scrutinized all the play schools in and around our neighborhood. And congratulations to Klay for passing the litmus tests conducted after careful scrutiny!

I could see the curiosity in your eyes to know the factors that drove us towards KLAY! Here, we go!

Safety – Every play school assures you verbally that theirs is a safe and secured one. The specialty with Klay is that they have gone beyond just words and implemented live CCTV streaming which is a huge relief for working parents re-assuring closeness with our child along with safety, thereby eliminating the fear of separation. This also proves the transparency with which they operate – Be it the teachers or support staffs or the administration.

Sanitization – Klay provides a very conducive hygienic environment which construes a clean play area with sanitized bathrooms and other common areas. Sanitizers and tissue papers are extensively used and the kids are also trained on the cleanliness aspects. Even the toys the kids use appear brand new without any damages or unclean conditions, albeit trivial, those were not taken care in most of play schools. This shows that they take utmost care in terms of handling kids.

Social behavior – The primary expectation of all the parents from a toddler is to be good at socializing with one’s friend/peer group and behave in a well-mannered way. Klay has a structured syllabus which has the social and behavioral development intertwined with their daily activities and not treated as a separate subject. Within a few days of my son’s onboarding to Klay, we witnessed an evident change in the way he started interacting with people and the professional etiquette exhibited (which was more for his age) surprised us a lot!

Learning – As claimed by Klay in their websites, they do have a simulating environment which automatically helps the kids to learn the little stuffs in a fun-loving way through their daily activities. Their painting, dance and role-playing sessions are a big hit and most talked about by my little munchkin😊. The timely feedback sessions from the teachers on the overall growth of the child were really helpful to keep a track of the progress.

Communication – While you see your child using vocabulary or the sentences that you hardly would expect from 2.5 years+, it reflects the creative ways through which Klay teachers and staffs improves a child’s communication. Would definitely attribute 50% of his communication skills to his first school, he has been brought up and nurtured in. The circle time, role playing sessions and causal interaction sessions did the magic for Klay which they must consider to continue!

We can’t ask for more but do you think, we would say a ‘No’, when we are provided with bonus perks like these…

Real-time updates on any changes to the regular routine in any of the administration areas like food schedule or room change or CCTV server down by Deepika (Centre Head)/Ilakkiya. I doubt, if our software applications can compete with the speed with which she provides us the update😊 This leaves us absolutely tension free and have always tried to keep us comfortable!

An exhibit of your lovable kid’s paintings over a period of time, celebrations within the school premises during special days re-kindling the bonding between children, parents and teachers. The insightful webinars from child care experts and experienced teachers were an icing on the cake.

And not to forget, the hand-crafted annual album with loads of memories to cherish with pictures and diary notes which is a tiresome task for the whole office crew – Teachers, admin staff and head. Much appreciated! It is a priceless gift for Advaith and for us to look back!

Last but definitely not the least – The unconditional love and care showered by the support staff (Aunties – That’s how Advaith addresses) and the understanding teachers, he was guided under is truly commendable and they will remain evergreen in our hearts and as parents, we would like to thank all of them wholeheartedly!

With a very heavy heart, Advaith and his family would like to bid farewell, after a joyous and tension-free 1-year tenure in KLAY with a well-shaped and confident outlook, marching ahead to his regular school! Advaith felt being really at home and am sure, he will miss KLAY big time! Miss u teachers, friends and Aunties! (From Advaith)

Wishing you all the very best for your continuous, relentless and quality support and service to the working parents’ community which is definitely the need of the hour in the age of women empowerment!

Klay – More than a home to us! Keep going!

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