SAPlings (Corporate Only)

SAPlings (Corporate Only)

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Saplings is located near the Biggest IT hub ITPL behind SAP. We at KLAY strongly believe that “Learning is ART” and we are best set of professional to deliver it with Quality .We make all the children feel special and groom them as per the KLAY standards. Parents can feel creativity, positive atmosphere , cleanness, safety and kids with special behavior once they visit the premises. We guarantee that our kids can easily be identified as special among all the other kids. Children are not restricted to classrooms but they do activities throughout the centre which help them grow 360degree.We provide hygienic and healthy food to kids and it is made and managed by KLAY. All the kids and staff are under CCTV surveillance within campus .Children are special it is good if they are always in safe hands


Saplings .Shreyan Nidhi #138-P2 (Sy no3/2),
EPIP 2nd Phase. Sonnenahalli,
Whitefield ,Bangalore -560065


Phone: +91 7676708888

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It is often said “ When you give a little of yourself to a child , you give a little bit of yourself to their future” Kevin Heath

I am a teacher by profession and heart  . I have been in this field past 7 years  and  I feel privileged to have worked in multicultural and multilingual environment both India and Scotland  and it  has been a beautiful  journey so far. In my leisure time I love travelling and visiting new places. I strongly believe that each child is different and when children feel  loved  appreciated   are provided with a stimulating and nurturing environment they  reach their true potential  and grow as confident  independent individuals. It is my hope that my  experiences with early childhood care and  education will be evident in the wonderful experiences that I will provide for children at Saplings. Family and school partnerships. Thankyou for choosing SAPlings Klay to be a part of your extended family.