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Rishikesh B S

Rishikesh teaches at the School of Education, Azim Premji University; he also leads the Hub for Education, Law & Policy located at the University. His research interests are in the domains of educational policies, assessments and teacher education. Prior to his present role at the University, he has been an educational researcher for over two decades; of this, he has spent more than a decade with Azim Premji Foundation, which allowed him to engage with the education bureaucracy as well as teachers across more than a dozen States in India.

Over the last couple of years, education policy related issues has formed the core of Rishikesh’s work. He is on various Government Advisory Committees on issues concerning education; particularly in his domicile State – Karnataka.

He regularly writes for various publications on the issues and challenges related to school and higher education; His most recent article on the Draft National Education Policy 2019 was published on 16th June in The Deccan Herald where he has presented his position that the Higher Education vision in the draft policy is a transformational one: