Prestige Shantiniketan

Prestige Shantiniketan

Preschool & Day Care

At the KLAY centre in Prestige Shantiniketan, the children get a high quality preparatory schooling program and an extremely, safe, healthy and a learning based daycare program. The centre has age appropriate programs across all ages ranging from 6 months to 10 years.

This centre is located inside the commercial space of Prestige Shantiniketan and is a boon for working parents. The centre is easily accessible by all the companies inside the campus as well as the residents staying in and around Prestige Shantiniketan.

The live camera feed from all the rooms is available to parents through live web streaming. An in-house staff nurse is always on call in the centre for any first aid requirement. It is fortunate to have a tie up with Cloudnine hospital just opposite the road in case of any medical emergency.

In spite of being inside an IT park the centre has the advantage of a spacious and open outdoor play area where children can come to play.


Ground Floor, Crescent - 1, Prestige Shanthiniketan,
Corporate Business Park, ITPL Road, Hoodi,
Bangalore - 560066



Phone: +91 7676708888

Programs and Timings

Parent's Speak

Jharana and Parth Vyas

Parents of Myraa

Thanks a lot for being an integral part of my support system in terms of taking care of my Baby Myraa from March 2016 – till today for exactly 2 years. Myraa joined Klay infant section when she was barely 6.5 months old and the way Klay teachers/aunties have taken care of her is as good as like a family. I am grateful to Priya, Valar and other infant section teachers and aunties for taking active part in her initial development. Her experience with Jr.Toddler and Sr.Toddler was also excellent. It was delightful to see Myraa walking, start talking, recognizing colors/vegetables/animals and singing nursery rhymes, it was only possible due to great efforts from her teachers Ashwini, Diana, Abilipsa, Sudhamai, Neema and all others. My special thanks to Monica for answering all my queries promptly and always being ready to help. I would like to also mention special Thanks to the Aunties who made sure of maintaining good hygiene for Myraa (and all other kids). Shyamani had been a great support for understanding our special requests and trying to make things better for Myraa. Myraa is going to miss all of you. Hope you do well in future and my best wishes to the complete Klay PSN team. Without you all, I could not have achieved my career goals. Thanks again and lots of love.

Shruti & Mithun

Parents of Aadhya Mithun

We would like to thank you and your wonderful team of teachers and aunties for your support during Aadhya's 8 months @Klay PSN. Due to long travel times we had decided to move her to the day care center closer to our home and we picked the nearest Klay center as our experiences has been tremendously amazing.

One of the best decisions as anxious parents, we were really impressed with the infrastructure, curriculum & safe and secure environment available @Klay PSN. Aadhya has learnt & improved in many areas, & we are very much pleased on how she's progressed since joining Klay. We would like to thank Reena miss in particular for her support to take care of our daughter, helped her settle in as comfortably as possible and being around always. Aadhya still asks as to when she can go to Klay and meet Reena miss during her summer break.

A big thank you.


Parents of Pranav Namboothiri-Sr Toddler,KLAY PSN

This is to inform you that our son, Pranav Namboothiri, won't be continuing in Klay PSN for the next academic year. We have moved to our new house on ORR, and Pranav will be starting school this June closer to our new home. Pranav has thoroughly enjoyed his stint at Klay and will surely miss his friends and teachers from the Sr. toddler class. We are completely satisfied with the care he received, and happy with his transformation to a smart and confident toddler. At times, he has even surprised us with the little things he learnt at Klay - whether it be new words, stories or rhymes. Best wishes for Klay PSN to continue to be a centre of excellence in infant care and toddler care.

Arunabh Basak and Debalina Basak

Parents of Aditri Basak – Prek, ,KLAY PSN

I would like to inform you that today (31st May 2016) would be Aditri Basak's last day at KLAY PSN. She would now be moving to nursery in another school. It has been a wonderful and great time for Aditri (Tia) since the past 2 years at KLAY PSN. We as parents have seen considerable development of her social, academic and overall personality as she grew up under KLAY care. Thanks to you all, we would be cherishing a lot of wonderful memories set by the activities, interactions and events held with our child. We would like to take this opportunity to heartily thank the principal, teachers and all the staff, in providing the best care/attention that can be provided in a school. Its indeed with heavy heart we have to move Tia from KLAY to another bigger school and we would always be comparing the standards set by you which we are used to at KLAY with that to the new environment.

Nonetheless, we would also be in the lookout for Tia's after school care in case she needs it in the near future. We hope that you would be accommodating enough at that time to take her back for after school day care during which your co-operation would be highly appreciated.


Parent of Meenakshi Dev - Pre K, KLAY PSN

I would like to share some feedback with you.

My daughter started going to KLAY from May 2015 and I must say that you are the best Center Director till date! The way you interact with the parents, the attention you give to every kid, the help you provide to solve the parents' concerns, quick reply to e-mails and the overall governance of the center are exemplary. Great going Abanti! Thanks a lot for giving me confidence that my child is in safe hands!

I would like to appreciate Monica as well. Her willingness to help, the way she answers to queries and her pleasant interaction with parents are commendable. Great work!

I have a request to you .While recruiting new staff please see to that they do have a positive attitude and pleasant manners apart from the qualifications and experience. That really makes a difference!

Keep up the good work!


Parent of Pradhyun-Sr Toddler, KLAY PSN

Since its the last day for pradhyun in this center,i thought of just thanking each one of you for all that you have done for my son and me :-) . A big thanks to Reena (Infant HOD not with Klay any more ) and Priya who were first Teachers and care takers of my son. Will never forget them. They were great with my son n took care of my son like their own when he was just 8 Months old. Thank u. Thanks a Ton to Abhanti and Insiya (Not with Klay anymore) to listen patiently to all my complaints and concerns and try and fix them as much as possible, Thanks to all his present teachers to love my son so much n take care of his daily needs,sorry I don't know the names of all of them. Thanks to aishwarya and Monica for constantly answering my phone calls and updating me,sorry I called a little too many times I guess :-p. And last but not the least thanks to all the maids who took care of my son. All in all you guys have a big hand in what my son is today.

Cheers :-)

Myra’s Mom & Dad

Infant - KLAY PSN

Thanks a lot for taking a great care of Myra. I can see her growing and learning new thing everyday ....We truly value what you do for our child everyday.Its Priceless.Keep it up.