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Aug 5, 2019 | Read time: 3 mins

Aug 5, 2019 | Read time:

I am mother to a soon to be 3 years old – master Hridyansh Kaushik.

The word Mother itself is such a powerful and strong weighing word that cannot be replaced with anything in life. It is almost impossible to express in words the meaning this word holds for me . The day I became a mother I was part of a different world altogether and I guess this feeling is something that only a mother may be able to relate to .

Though intially it took me time to come back to my normal life as it was my first time experience and also becuase I am a working mother too,but I think as long as you stay positive and most importantly have support from your family and office, you can achieve anything . The support that my father in law and husband specially have provided me is just outstanding- they are his second mom and my husband feels equally responsible at every step which gives me a lot more confidence to move forward in this journey . My office has also been very supportive and gives me the opportunity to work from home thereby helping me to manage my work and my family well.

And as your child grows older , it becomes little easy to manage them as they become more aware and self dependent and contribute to every single thing you do. At this time , they want to explore new things , want to do everything by themselves, so all you need is be patient and give them their space. Additionally I have observed that being a mother is such a beautiful thing that you can actually cherish it for a lifetime – you have someone to play with , a reason to become a child again and relive your childhood memories , share your stories with them and most importantly, share all your feelings with them . 
Even if you are stressed out due to any reason , just by looking at your child or when your child asks if you if you are ok  takes away all your pain and anger . Hridyansh is very attached to me that if he sees me unhappy , he will try to do everything to make me happy and then specially asks me – mumma are you happy now ? And until I respond, he would be worried . 
Your life revolves around them and so does theirs. It is a relationship of 2 hearts and one soul. 


I know this is one such  topic that you can continue to write endlessly but to sum it up here I have been thankful to God to bless me with this bundle of joy and to give me the strength to be able to make him a good human being.

Regards ,
Shivani Kaushik 

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