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Jul 17, 2019 | Read time:

Krishiv is my greatest blessing from God. He is a very loving and caring son. His love has changed my life and I am again a small child who wants to enjoy all lovely moments with him always.

About my son, Krishav

Belief in God : We say our prayers in the morning and if I forget, then Krishiv will remind me. He remembers all bhajans and always wants to sing his favourite ones.

Friendly: He is very happy if someone visits our home. Ashtami pooja is his favourite as this is when he can give gifts to all the little angels.

Helpful: He always wants to help me in all possible ways.

For example, If I am cooking, then he will try his best to serve and keep things in their correct places. He also likes to set his almirah of toys and help in arranging it very well.

Understanding: I work in an IT Company and need to take calls in the evening as well at times. Now, he will understand that Mumma has to take a call so he will not make any noise and will keep himself busy with his activities.

Sharing : He likes to share his things with others. He is always willing to share things whether it is a toy or some food with others.

Loves to Play :  We bring lot of games for Krishiv to play at home. He really loves to finish all the activities very nicely by following all the steps and once it is done, he will explain what the activity was all about.

Respects Others: I take him to the park in our society to play everyday. This is because I want him to meet other people as well as his friends. Whenever I meet any of my friends, I will always ask Krishiv to greet them as well.

I have learnt from my Mom how to balance work and life, as she used to spend all her time with us along with her Job.  As a working mom myself, I try my best balance work so that I can spend all my precious moments with my family. My husband really helps me a lot in maintaining this balance and always applauds and appreciates me.

I have learnt a lot of things from my son – like how to be happy with very small things and that we should do whatever we want and whenever we want (example sleep whenever we want ?).

Motherhood is really the best feeling and we should spend as much time as we can with our loved ones doing the things we love to do.

As a mother, I want my son to be happy always and all his dreams to be fulfilled. I want my son to be a good person. This will be the greatest achievement indeed and that day I will call myself a perfect mother.

Thank you !!! 🙂

Best Regards,


(Mother of Krishiv-(K1-A))

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