Ranjeeta Balakrishnan

Apr 22, 2019 | Read time: 3 mins

Apr 22, 2019 | Read time:

Being a mother is a very unique experience which cannot be the same for two mothers or even for the same mother with two different children. This experience can best be described as a roller-coaster ride with peak feelings of joy and frustration, and sometimes both feelings at the same time!

In today’s world, along with all other challenges, a working mother has the additional challenge of managing her work time, home time and time with her child. It is the toughest time for working mothers when their children are below the age of 5 years. They must deal with the pressures of their work-related deadlines along with the guilt of leaving their cute, innocent children in the hands of either grandparents or a nanny or a daycare facility.

Out of the three options for child care – grandparents, nanny and daycare, I chose a daycare facility for the following reasons:


It is always a relief for parents to leave their little ones in the warm and loving care of grandparents.However, I did not want to choose this option for just one reason – they definitely deserve a break in life! They have struggled their entire lives taking care of their own children. They also do not have the energy to run around our little bundles of unlimited energy. It is unfair to expect them to take care of our kids all day.


Keeping a nanny at home is always convenient for us, but after hearing about all the unpleasant incidents that have happened, I am really skeptical of this option at least till such a time that my child can communicate fluently with me.

Day Care Facility

This turns out to be the simplest choice for me. Now that I decided to go with daycare, I got upon the mission of searching for a good day care for my daughter. I had few things in mind while choosing a good day care facility:

1. Cleanliness, hygiene and good infrastructure
2. Child safety and security
3. Not too crowded
4. I must get regular updates of what my daughter does in the facility throughout the day

The last point is a little strange but this thought is always on my mind! It’s a comfort to be able to check on our little ones constantly.

With these pointers, I started my search by visiting several facilities in and around Wakad and Pimple Saudagar. For a while, I could not find any facility satisfying all my needs listed above. My husband and I almost gave up on our mission and I almost decided to not return to work. Then one day, we accidentally happened to notice this daycare facility called KLAY that just got set up newly at Aundh. We visited the facility and were extremely impressed with the infrastructure, hygiene and child safety that they ensure. The facility is not too crowded, so I was assured that my child would get adequate attention from the teachers and caretakers. It seems like this is the best daycare in Aundh for those who are searching.

They have CCTV access so at any point of time, I could connect to the CCTV online and check on my daughter. This is exactly what we were looking for and finally our search for a good day care facility ended!

By enrolling my daughter in KLAY, I have been able to go to work without obsessively worrying about my child. The friendly nature of teachers and didis is worth mentioning. This has helped my daughter adjust real fast and this was a huge relief for me!

Thanks to KLAY being one of the best preschools in Pune, and the best daycare in Aundh, I can now focus on my work as well as on my child!

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