Netravathi Beerappa

May 31, 2019 | Read time: 3 mins

May 31, 2019 | Read time:

My daughter was a year old when I first dropped her at KLAY.I vividly remember the day. My baby was excited and did not take much time to settle down – which surprised me actually(I think I needed the settlement process, more than the baby !).Much against the elders’ wishes, I had admitted her to a prep-school.I could not afford anything going wrong with the baby.There have been days when I have dropped the baby and driven to office with tears in my eyes.There have been times when I used to question myself – am I a good enough mother? Am I doing the right thing by leaving my child to be cared for, by others ? I would be guilt-ridden majority of these days. Thankfully, my husband was supportive of my decision and he always told me that we did the right thing by sending her to KLAY.

Right from standing up to walking and running, eating by herself and her willingness to try different kinds of food, my child learnt most of the things she knows today, at KLAY .The learning that my baby had and is having at KLAY, is what made me overcome my guilt about sending her to a prep-school versus keeping her at home for the first 4 years of her life. Wat also helped, was discussing my fears and concerns with the care givers who made it a point to always advise me in a positive way.

Another most common guilt every mother would have, is whether the child is being fed enough and in the right way. I used to be told very often by friends and family that my daughter was losing weight, and if is she eating right? To overcome this, I discussed with her paediatrician, who affirmed that her growth was good for her age. The main thing was to ensure that she was never low on energy.
I have also discussed with my colleagues and set my work timings in such a way so that I could balance work and family and get enough time to spend with my daughter, each day.

The only guilt that I need to conquer now, is that I need to focus on my well-being too. With my second child’s arrival, this has become even tougher, but I am determined and I hope to get back to my earlier self in the right way.

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