Jul 30, 2019 | Read time: 2 mins

Jul 30, 2019 | Read time:

Being a dad is a true blessing. It’s a wonderful experience watching my 2 daughters, aged 3 and a half and 1, growing up. They teach me ever so often how to live in the present and enjoy the moment and the little things. I love spending time playing with them, they bring out the free kid in me whether its dancing or running around playing hide n seek. It’s a special moment when you get to see that glee on their faces when they do something for the first time like waddle around the coffee table or ride their tricycle. 

With work, it is always a challenge trying to get enough time to spend with them. For me, I take it as an opportunity to be efficient enough to get work done so I get time with family. I know my daughters are only going to be this age once so you got to make the most of this blessing to be part of their lives and enjoy it as a family.

I hope that as their father I can help them to be good human beings first : kind, honest, patient, respectful and grounded. And then help them to achieve their dreams and make our world a better place in their own big way! 

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