Parents at KLAY

Parents at KLAY have multiple ways in which they can be involved with the school throughout the academic year.

Parent Orientation: New parents are invited to the centre twice a year to be a part of the parent orientation where they are briefed about the curriculum, our teaching methodology as well as our policies and procedures.

Sing Along: Sing Along is an event where the parents and children are invited to the centre to familiarize them with some popular songs and their actions that children will be learning through the year.

Culmination Day: On this day, parents are invited to the centre to go through children’s work as well as witness children showcase what they have learned during the course of the term.

PTC: Parent Teacher Conference is held three times during the school year. Teachers will show parents their child’s work and have a discussion about their child’s progress.

Sports Day: Sports day is an annual fun-filled event where all parents and grandparents are invited.

Art exhibition: The Art Exhibition is an annual event to showcase the creativity through a display of art works done by children all throughout the year.

Bring A Relative Day: Bring A Relative Day is a day when children can bring their relatives to the centre to take them through the facility.

We believe in establishing a close partnership with our parents. A well-structured parental participation program supports the school, strengthens families and increases student achievement and success.