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before-quoteThe fact that they give CCTV coverage speaks volumes about the confidence they have in the care they are giving to the child in the institution.before-quote
Sonvi Khanna, Mother of Avdhan
KLAY-TLC Bandra, Mumbai

Tanya has settled well into her mainstream school and I would like to definitely credit the immense contribution of KLAY in preparing her for this. I noticed that Tanya had become more curious and imaginative while doing all her activities in school. I can confidently say that KLAY has laid a very strong foundation in Tanya to help her become a confident, expressive and happy child.

The gentle care, playful and happy atmosphere made KLAY a second home and has thus helped her overcome her fears of the mainstream school. The excellent curriculum designed by a competent KLAY team, play way teaching methods, loving and caring teachers and support staff and the efficient administration are what sets this school apart. Field trips, theme based role plays, activities that influence her gross motor skills, recognition of letters, shapes, numbers, colors and speech skills have instilled a lot of social skills in Tanya including the ability to cooperate and express herself.

I truly appreciate the centre’s efforts to make Tanya’s first stage conquering experience more joyful. KLAY has given us many moments that we will cherish as a part of our child’s upbringing.

AShweta Vijaya Rao

Ira spent a fairly large part of her toddler years at KLAY, Yemalur. She didn’t just go to school there, she built a separate family for herself. The love and care that she received at KLAY is irreplaceable – the staff is incredibly warm, knows each and every child really well, and provides a very nourishing environment to the kids who attend KLAY. I feel that the sound grounding Ira received at KLAY, has helped her connect with her teachers and instantly make friends at Kunskapsskolan. KLAY does not curb your traits and allows the child to grow into her own personality.

Apart from that, their way of teaching academics by using fun and interesting tools has a way higher recall value than anything else. Even though we had to pull her out mid-term due to some admission restrictions at her new school, the staff were extremely supportive of the transition and helped us with all the necessary documents without a single follow up. Not only that, even though Ira’s time at KLAY had ended, they extended the invite to their pre-scheduled PTM with us, and took us through her growth and development in that quarter. I doubt if any school provides that kind of an intimate interest in a child’s growth path.

Though Ira has met new friends and is settling in at her new school, KLAY will always be a beautiful warm memory in her heart – one she will never forget. It will always be her first school. No matter what time of the day we pass by the KLAY building, she always screams with excitement and says “Mumma, my KLAY school!” I think that itself is a great testimony to the safe, conducive, and nurturing environment KLAY provides its children. I will highly recommend KLAY to everyone!

Shubha Khaddar

Sending your child to a regular school is never easy. The thought of the very first day of your child’s formal schooling gives you a nightmare and the day your child enters the new world of education, the whole day is so stressful that you feel like seeing your child right in front of your eyes. As a mother, I was nowhere different from many such mothers who become anxious when their child goes to school(formal) for the very first time. But honestly, my child was able to manage everything so well that within a week I stopped thinking about her day at school.

That’s when I thanked the whole staff of KLAY for nurturing my child in such a way that she never threw tantrums to go to school. Because of KLAY, I have never faced any behavioural challenges when it came to settling her in a new environment.

KLAY has not only taught her to deal with her emotions but the curriculum of KLAY is so strong that both my daughters did really well in the entrance test and even now are able to relate to most concepts and do well in their studies.

Infact, I can write a book about how KLAY helps a child become confident and independent.

Thank you KLAY!

Anvita Tandon

I am completely in love with KLAY, Vikhroli West. The teachers, didi’s and all the staff are very supportive and loving towards the children. They give each child personal attention and all the activities are very well planned and communicated to parents. They are the very reason I could get back to work without any guilt. Even though they have CCTV camera access, but after the first few initial weeks, I would open it only when I wanted to see me son, Ryanah. As a parent, I can’t ask for anything more for my little boy!


A home away from home for my child. Out of the numerous things a mother worries for her child, there are two things that stand out: that she eats well and sleeps well. The team at KLAY DLF4 has ensured this and taken utmost care of my daughter. She loves going to them and they eagerly receive her every morning. They maintain the best of hygiene and handle infants with delicacy and patience. I always receive my daughter neat and clean in the evenings – and always in a fresh pair of clothes. And the best part: CCTV access at any point of time, where I can see my baby anytime.

I strongly recommended this place to all parents looking out for a place for their little ones to grow and learn. Kudos to the KLAY Team!

Nikita Kriplani Ahuja

my son Rudra Pratap Singh has got admission to the next grade in one of the school. Hence,he would not continue with Klays now. I just want to mention that we had a very good experience with this school and would strongly recommend to my family and friends.We as a parent used to feel so relaxed at our office because we were too sure that our child is in safe and caring hands.The base which you created for my son helped him a lot to adjust to the new school so quickly. Your staff were very professional and very friendly and caring.I just wanted to mention here that prashansa mam(Rudra’s class teacher) is the only women whom my son used to admire and love after me and my mom and used to talk about her at home.She is a motherly figure for my son.Please pass my special thanks to her. I would like to thank poorva mam and Meena Didi on behalf of my son who take care of him just like a mother.

Aradhana & Santosh, Parents of Rudra Pratap Singh (pre-nursery)

We decided to start day – care for Navvya after her personal caretaker quit the job. We were then looking for a very stable and stimulating environment for her where she could spend her physical and mental energy. As a mother, I was extremely anxious about leaving her anywhere other that her cocoon, our home. I was told about KLAY by a friend who had some great things to say. My query was answered immediately by the Centre Head. I liked the fact that KLAY allows a settlement period for the parent and the baby. Though child may take long this way, but then comes out a lot of stronger and happier. Today, we completed 5 months at the centre and I see my toddler coming out with smile everyday. She has become lot more communicative and made friends. She loves teachers and aunties. She has even started eating at the centre. The menu has a variety of healthy and tasty meals that kids love. Thank you KLAY. This is such a relief for regular office – going parents, especially, mothers. Keep up the good work, Lavelle Team!

Monila Sapre, Mother of Navvya

Thanks a lot for being an integral part of my support system in terms of taking care of my Baby Myraa from March 2016 – till today for exactly 2 years. Myraa joined Klay infant section when she was barely 6.5 months old and the way Klay teachers/aunties have taken care of her is as good as like a family. I am grateful to Priya, Valar and other infant section teachers and aunties for taking active part in her initial development. Her experience with Jr.Toddler and Sr.Toddler was also excellent. It was delightful to see Myraa walking, start talking, recognizing colors/vegetables/animals and singing nursery rhymes, it was only possible due to great efforts from her teachers Ashwini, Diana, Abilipsa, Sudhamai, Neema and all others. My special thanks to Monica for answering all my queries promptly and always being ready to help. I would like to also mention special Thanks to the Aunties who made sure of maintaining good hygiene for Myraa (and all other kids). Shyamani had been a great support for understanding our special requests and trying to make things better for Myraa. Myraa is going to miss all of you. Hope you do well in future and my best wishes to the complete Klay PSN team. Without you all, I could not have achieved my career goals. Thanks again and lots of love.

Jharana and Parth Vyas, Parents of Myraa

Thank you so much Namita and Team. It’s said ” Teaching is a work of heart” and after having Avya in the infant section for more than a quarter now- I can say without and iota of doubt that you imbibe it and instill it fully in your brilliant team too. Thank you all for truly being the best teachers Avya could have, especially Namita for taking care of all our issues/problems, Kanika for the constant updates on Avya whenever I call – she relentlessly helps thoroughly, Priyanka for truly being the mother my child misses when I’m in office and all the didis from Raj didi, Rinku and the other two didi in the infant section- the most loving and caring Didis Avya could have. I’m truly blessed and glad to take the decision of sending Avya to Klay, Uppal Southend. It’s the teachers and staff that makes a school so wonderful and you guys are exceptional!

Akanksha Agarwal, Mother of Avya

We would like to thank you and your wonderful team of teachers and aunties for your support during Aadhya’s 8 months @Klay PSN. Due to long travel times we had decided to move her to the day care centre closer to our home and we picked the nearest Klay centre as our experiences has been tremendously amazing.

One of the best decisions as anxious parents, we were really impressed with the infrastructure, curriculum & safe and secure environment available @Klay PSN. Aadhya has learnt & improved in many areas, & we are very much pleased on how she’s progressed since joining Klay. We would like to thank Reena miss in particular for her support to take care of our daughter, helped her settle in as comfortably as possible and being around always. Aadhya still asks as to when she can go to Klay and meet Reena miss during her summer break.

Shruti & Mithun, Parents of Aadhya Mithun

I have been waiting to write about your centre since a long time.. finally have got a chance to do so since my daughter is about to move to Pre K section… My daughter Toshani… Born on 10th May 2014, the most precious gem given to us by God… I always wanted to take care of her on my own and had never thought that I will send her away from me. But when it was time for me to join back to office, I had no other choice but to send her to daycare! So I started with WeCare Centre my Office but due to shift times I had to withdraw her admission and get her in a new daycare… My husband and me came across KLAY Kadugodi.. Visited the facility and got her admitted… Though we were very sceptic and were always comparing it with the WeCare facility… Today after 6 months we can say that our decision to get Toshani here was the best… KLAY Kadugodi is one of the best faculties which I have seen in Bangalore… Teachers KLAY Kadugodi are very helpful, supportive and friendly. They make parents feel so comfortable, that we can leave our kids here without any tension… Aishwarya who was the centre head and today we are in touch with Pallavi the current centre head, who is like second mother to our kids in the daycare. Her class teacher Sumathi and Divya are so sweet and caring that I can leave Toshani with them.. Thank you so much for all the hard work you have done for Toshani and taken care of her… Especially making her eat J Along with Sumathi and Divya I would like to thank – All the Aunties who take care of Toshani for taking all the efforts to make my daughter simile – each time she cried. I had always been scared to leave my child to day care but if it’s Klay @ Kadugodi I would encourage all the other parents to send their children to this day care. I feel it’s a myth that a mother can only take care of kids the best, in today’s world children should be sent to school early as it would help them not only to learn and grow but also become independent at a much earlier age. Special thanks to Pallavi for taking all the effort to make all this work so nicely, especially the way Klay celebrates all the festivals/days and make our kids learn the importance of all this.

Lakshmi, Mother of Toshani

As working parents we always focus that our child is taken care of the same way as we do. We have found our son’s second home and parent – KLAY! I had worms running in my tummy when I dropped off my 1.5-year son for the first day at KLAY. I couldn’t help but wonder if he would adjust happily. Thanks to KLAY, they have made him feel comfortable in no time. I like the way they make them do activities and bring in innovative learning. Now, my son comes home and tries to sing along and do similar actions that the teachers teach him at KLAY. Seeing this makes me feel like my son is learning and being active. What impressed me is the cleanliness, the teacher-child ratio and the fact that they encourage the children to learn something new everyday. As a parent, I enjoy visiting KLAY as the day care seems to be full of life. My son seems to be as enthusiastic about KLAY – he can’t stop talking about it, even over the weekend! We love KLAY! All of the teachers and assistants are always pleasant and upbeat, they create a really positive environment for the kids. A million thanks!

Parinitha Shetty, Parent of Avyukt Hennur

If you think of a good prep school that is safe and hygienic for your child, with an international standard curriculum, clean premises and a friendly management team, you can think of KLAY. We chose this new branch of KLAY at Hennur road because it is close to us and is way superior to the local mushrooming play schools. Most importantly, most of the other play school branches run on an agency model but KLAY management has their own branches and standardised practices across the country. It is a well-known brand now and the schools are very beautiful, spic and span, neat and clean with new toys and loads of activities for kids. We specifically like KLAY because the classrooms are bright, well lit and spacious compared to the other schools nearby. This branch does not have much of an outdoor play area, but they have converted the 1st floor hall to a big indoor play are for the kids. Thanks KLAY for taking care of my child!

Sudeshna Majumder, Parent of Arundhati Hennur

We all love our kids, don’t we? So when it comes to their care, we keep looking and do not settle for anything but the best. My wife and I had a similar story: We visited numerous daycare centres, even paid admission fees on a couple of occasions, but had to sadly withdraw our son Ryan from them because we were not happy with few things, which I think every parent is and should be concerned about when it comes to choosing a day care: 1. The quality of care givers or teachers. 2. The transparency maintained with the parents. 3. The child-teacher ratio and upper cap of number of admissions per class. This determines how much personal attention your kid will get. 4. The leadership quality of the centre head. Since he/she is the one going to take decisions on behalf of you when you aren’t around your kid. 5. The infrastructure and activity genre. This will determine how your kid will develop in the future. And bang! Klay Prep Schools and DayCare, Bagmane Constellation was ten-on-ten for all these five pointers. I loved their concept of hiring educated teachers instead of nannies or caregivers. Of course, they also have nannies but just for help. Your child’s primary interaction will be with the teachers, which is really excellent. Transparency is bang on with 100% HD live video streaming in the cloud that can be viewed at real time on your smartphones or laptops. And the upper cap is perfect for the infrastructure to support comfortably. The centre head Pooja has a vast range of experience – she has been into this profession for a long time and has played all major roles from – being a teacher herself, curriculum manager to management roles. In fact she was the proud centre head of the biggest Klay centre in Whitefield managing 250+ kids. I have immense faith in her multi-tasking and leadership capabilities. At many occasions she herself consoled and played with my 17 month old son, which is a wonderful thing. Infrastructure is very good and as it is located amidst an established tech park, it’s noise and pollution free too! Activities are very natural and flexible so the kids enjoy them.

Biswapratap, Father of Ryan

We are pleased to write a testimonial for KLAY School. Our son Pranav M V, who is three and a half years old, has been attending KLAY School since one year. As parents, we all wish not to have the services of day care at such an early age for kids, when they love to be in their mother’s care. But the reality is that some of us really do require day care either by choice or necessity. We had a to find a facility that will provide the love and care that the kid deserve, and give us parents the peace of mind knowing that while we are away from them they are actually being loved, they are in safe and secure hands and are learning to interact with other children of the same age group which is very important. We zeroed in to KLAY School due to multiple factors like, it was near to our house and my wife’s office, SAP Labs, the play area/space for kids were good and we could actually observe our kid’s activities through internet on timely basis. The KLAY team is friendly and patient and has met our expectations. We appreciate the KLAY team’s effort to keep the space clean and hygienic. Pranav enjoys going to school and spend quality time with his friends and teachers. The records and the activity collections shared with the parents at the end of the term make us feel proud and happy. We wish KLAY a great success and pray God to give them strength to keep up the good work. Best Regards

Sushma H K & Vishwanath M V, Parents of Pranav M V, Bangalore

My Sons John & Thomas have been with KLAY for 1 year now in Senior Toddler. I have decided to continue with KLAY this year also with Pre-K. I decided to go with KLAY because the facilities and curriculum is focused at all round development of the child. My initial anxiety about sending them to a day care centre was erased within few days, as they showed great enthusiasm in going to school. There have been days when they have cried “I want to go to school, I want to see Vidhya/ Swathi ma’am” etc. Thanks to you and your team for your wonderful support, I do not feel so guilty about being a working mom. Best Regards

Tessy, Mother of John and Thomas, Bangalore

Akshi started with Klay on March 24th, 2014. While I was nervous about Akshi settling down in the day care, the teachers at KLAY made it an easy & pleasant experience. They show amazing confidence and help kids settle down quicker. With just 2 months being in KLAY, Akshi looks comfortably settled and able to learn new things. Thanks to KLAY for making this hard decision of leaving my daughter in a day care – a much more easier one. Glad to be part of KLAY !!!! Thanks

Vaishno Saxena, Mom of Akshadha Saxena

Pranav has been with KLAY since he was 2 years old. We had tried many day care institutions but Pranav did not settle anywhere. We had walked into KLAY with little hope but the environment and attention that Pranav received at KLAY helped him to settle down fast. I think the best part of KLAY is that it truly is like home. Personal attention by teachers, hygiene and proper rooms for every category of kids and separate rooms for different activities (and not partitions in one big hall to make different classrooms) is something which I like. I have found the day care/school very organised and management very professional. I would like to thank you and all teachers for providing good care to our children! Regards

Nidhi, Mom of Pranav

KLAY Schools lives up to its name. Sending your toddler away from you for the first time can be a heart wrenching and intimidating experience, but rest assured you can do so without being all welled up here, with warm staff and teachers. They make you and your child comfortable from the very start. Truly impressed with their professional ways, KUDOS!

Savi Sarin, Mom of Aahan Sarin, Bangalore

KLAY has proven to be a wonderful experience not just for Divya, but for us parents as well. The emphasis that KLAY puts on the overall development of the child is highly commendable. All in all I wish we had schools like KLAY when we were growing up!

Madhubala Karthik, Mom of Divya Karthik, Bangalore

I would really like to thank the centre director, Saroj didi and all those members who made my daughter’s stay at Klay so very very special. I was extremely afraid initially that my daughter would not be fed, not taken care of given the brat that she is. But you all have abated all my fears – please do keep up the quality of service that you so provide. We are so proud to be associated with you. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for teaching Adhisree so many things and taking care of her in the way that you did!

Deblina Auddy, New Delhi

I had heard that there is magic at KLAY Now I know it is TRUE… I gave them my little toddler… TIMID and SHY… And they gave me back a Fine Young Lady, They had given her WINGS to FLY… As Nicole leaves the portals of her 2nd home, She will cherish the lessons learnt, the friendships made.. And we her parents will always know… We did it right when we chose KLAY…

Seema Monteiro & Agnelo Vijayan, Parents of Nicole Agnelo, Bangalore

One of the best day care facilities on Sohna Road, Gurgaon. My nephew studied here for one semester and we were overjoyed with the kind of personalized care each member of the Staff provides. A special thanks to the principal Ms Namita Jain for her excellent management.

Varsha Ashish

I was to come to India for a year-long assignment and so we decided to admit my elder son who was 2 yrs 8 months at the time, to a day-care cum play school in India. Needless to say I was a little skeptical about the schools in India given that he was used to a certain way in London. We had shortlisted 3 schools for my son’s day care but what helped us decide on KLAY was their dedicated and educated staff and extreme attention to detail. We admitted our son to KLAY Uppal Southend branch on Sohna Road and it was the best semester we have experienced thus far. KLAY sticks to their motto of Learning and takes customized care for each child. My son would not have settled in and learnt so many things had it not been for the arduous efforts put in by Neha Ma’am, Punita Ma’am and their staff in junior toddlers section. They were especially caring for any specific schedule that my son followed be it a breakfast banana or a rolled up paratha. Through their CCTV coverage, it was so easy to see your child’s routine and appreciate the painstaking efforts of the staff in maintaining the discipline, cleanliness and helping have your child a home away from home. My heartfelt gratitude to the Staff and Ms Namita Jain (Principal, KLAY Sohna Road) for making school a fun place and something to look forward to for my son.

Varthika Singh

As a working mother it’s important for me to feel secured about my son when I am at work. Klay school under the guidance of Sheetal, gives me that security. The school provides a wonderful enriching environment for my son, where he can have fun while learning during his schooling hours and play with his friends during the day care time. The integrated school and day care possibility, with loving and understanding teachers and support staff makes it unique- I would highly recommend that you check it out if your looking for schooling and day care for your child. Thank you Sheetal for always taking care of things! Best regards, Aditi

Aditi, Mom of Ishaan Dev – Klay Hyderabad

It’s been quite some time now that our son Raj Mukherjee has been enrolled with KLAY. It was not easy to decide on a creche as we were very concerned and confused at the beginning under whose care we should place our little son. We finally chose you after getting convinced about certain things- the infrastructure looked up-to the mark; the place has a good ambience, the layout is nice overall (we found the teachers well-organized and on their toes all the time) and most importantly the people with whom we interacted right on the first day gave us an assurance that our child would be taken care of properly and he would be in safe hands. A special thanks to Ganga Di for handling our little prince efficiently (Yamna nungaijare !) and Aishwarya for clarifying things whenever asked ! Thanks everyone for taking care of our child!

Ashutosh Mukherjee

We are very happy and proud to be associated with Klay (Prestige Tech Park, Bangalore). Our daughter, Tanishka, has been enrolled here since Feb 2016 and what an amazing transformation she has had over the past 6 months. From a socially shy person to a completely outgoing child – It is a treat for our eyes to see her evolving every day both cognitively and emotionally. The biggest credit goes to Klay’s staff at PTP, the curriculum, the policies and their positive attitude to all our concerns. When Tanishka waves us bye every morning with a radiant smile and greets us with the same smile back in the evening, it makes us feel that we have chosen the right school for her. Tanishka’s happiness, her love for her teachers, friends and the everyday surprises she gives us in the form of rhymes and activities when she is back home are the biggest reason for us to testify the credibility of KLAY. It tells a lot about the positive environment at the school when your child asks you to drop her to school on weekends. A big thanks to team KLAY PTP for giving Tanishka love and care and the wings to fly like a free bird and explore in initial and very important years of her life. You are shaping lives of our children and we as first time parents have learnt a lot from you to better our parenting as well. Thanks SO much!

Tanishka’s Parent ( Sr. Toddler), Prestige Tech Park , Bangalore

KLAY has been a great starting place for our daughter. She started here when she was just 9 months old and it’s been little over 2 years and we never had to think twice about the choice we made. The special attention given to infants and toddlers is a huge help for working parents. Our heartfelt thanks to KLAY management, teachers, caretakers and support staff who have always been very flexible and accomodative to parent’s needs. KLAY has truly been a second home for our little one.

Keerthana & Kailash, Parents of Nethra

We want to thank you and all the staff at KLAY Kadugodi for the care and support that you have given our daughter during the last 2 years. We couldn’t have asked for anything better than this. I am sure we will miss KLAY as much as Suhasini does. We would also like to thank Jamuna, Jahanavee, Rita, Rajannya, Dolly, and all her teachers. Also a big thanks to the Jaanki aunty for the tasty food and care she offered. Special thanks to Swathi for all the support at the start, helping Suhasini settle down at Klay. Thanks to you for being so understanding during these anxious times 🙂 You are doing excellent work with Klay. As a parent of a toddler, I never felt any change in the comfort I had throughout these 2 years.

Chumki Shetty, Mother of Suhasini

KLAY is very caring and professional in their service. The planning and the management is excellent. I’ve mostly seen the staff to converse only in English. As a result of this, I see my daughter beginning to speak English sentences. I am also very impressed with the cleanliness, ambience and the professional behaviour of the staff. The systematic way of providing information to the parent about what the child did during the day, the child’s food intake etc is awesome. Your willingness to show immediate attention and contact the parent in case if the child is not doing well is really good. On an overall perspective, I am very much happy that I had taken a right decision to make my daughter join KLAY schools.

Srividhya & Vijay, Parent of Shivani – DLF Chennai

Zohan was a year old and I wanted to get back to work. I searched on the net as well as nearby places for the various daycare options. I think Zohan and I both were lucky to be a part of KLAY. KLAY gave me the opporturnity to work along with a daycare for my child. The staff is friendly, helpful and welcominig. From the beginning, the entire experience has been enjoyable. I can see him growing into a social, responsible and confident child. I would definately recoommend KLAY to my friends and family.

Farah Baig, Parent of Zohan Baig

As a parent, there is nothing better than knowing your child is safe and in good hands. We are very happy with our experience with KLAY. All of the staff and teachers are warm and caring people who play such an important and positive role in the lives of our children. Our daughter gets such a good range of activities and stimulation at the centre from sensory activities, reading, and outside play. It is reassuring to leave our child in their hands as we head off to work in the morning, knowing they are well cared for in every way.

Sonal and Anish Mathews

TLC-KLAY has always been a home away from home for both my kids. My son, now, 6.5 years and daughter who is 1.5 years old, have been a part of the daycare family since they were 6 months old! Very affectionate staff and wonderful ambience for the kids to learn and grow. Thanks for being there and supporting many working moms like me.

Vidya Raghuvir Kota, Mother of Advait and Tvisha

It was a lot of fun participating in the sports day on 19th. Sunny day, refreshments, running around, kids and families together, chatting and laughing, cuteness quotient at an all time high – all this made for the perfect recipe to spend some time outdoors. Thank you for organizing the event for the little ones and their parents. The teachers anddidis did a wonderful job hosting the event.

Payal Jain, Sanjana’s Mom – Cyber City

My daughter, Jia at 3.5 yrs, has now been with Klay DLF 1 for almost an year now. I have seen both her and Klay grow up together. Some of the recent initiatives taken by the Management allow us to be more closely associated with the Faculty and Staff of a place where she spends more time than she does at home. I can trust Klay with the most important aspect – Safety of my child. KLAY has also added significantly to Jia’s early learning and as she starts formal school next year, I am glad atleast she will have a known and comfortable place to come back to.

Aparna Jain, Parent of Jia – Pre K – DLF phase 1

Both Sushant and I have had a wonderful journey with KLAY so far. I remember coming in as an anxious mother with her pot full of concerns, especially as I had tried other school/daycare options before coming to KLAY. I was worried about Mira not being very fond of interacting with the people around her. With the commitment and patience you and your staff have shown, you have taken Mira through a wonderful journey in which you have played a vital role in transforming her from a shy toddler to an expressive and confident little girl, who just cannot stop talking about her experiences in school. Not only have your efforts influenced Mira’s life it has also taken both Sushant and me through an exciting parenting journey, where we are so much at peace with ourselves because we trust you folks with the most precious little thing in our crazy tedious lives. Mira’s early days in KLAY will continue to influence her for the rest of her life.

Thank you for the support system you have been for us.

Deepti & Sushant, Parents of Mira

My daughter loves the school. She is very excited to come to school everyday . I wish to thank entire KLAY Team with special thanks to Ms Pranuja, Ms Kavya and Ms Akshaya.

Parents of Anvita, Anvita (PreK)

First of all , let me thank you and the entire Klay team for the most wonderful Experience that my Little one went through..! Not to forget the respect and love that we got from the team, as proud parents of Saishta.. Your school and the way the curriculum was designed and taught, has groomed my child as someone, who is confident, smart and ready to take over the world at such an age itself… I still remember the day , I stood outside the classroom on the first day, when I admitted her in KLAY, and wept my Heart out all through the day, for what she would probably go through, as to how would she take it, how would she be treated ( coz she is the Princess of our Hearts) , and as to how will her Basic foundation of education, learning and Self-confidence, and Self-esteem be built amongst the first exposure to the outer world, since this would make her grow her roots… And Today….. I stand Tall and Proud and take much Pride in looking at the princess recognise herself as … I Am SAISHTA ANAND..!!! And this is the beginning.. Thank you KLAY for taking upon such a great responsibility, in shaping her life… I know, that it must be a routine for the team to see each kid is groomed well, and over the years, must have become a normal habit for you all… But to us, it has made a difference…!!!!!

Thank you for your CARE AND LOVE!!

We will be forever Indebted to KLAY and You Mrs.Yamini for taking up the administration of the School on your Shoulders so Well..!

Congratulations and Cheers to your Success!! Happy grooming kids future!!!! Love you Guys!!!!

Dr.K.Neelima, Parent of Saishta, HRBR

This is to inform you that our son, Pranav Namboothiri, won’t be continuing in Klay PSN for the next academic year. We have moved to our new house on ORR, and Pranav will be starting school this June closer to our new home. Pranav has thoroughly enjoyed his stint at Klay and will surely miss his friends and teachers from the Sr. toddler class. We are completely satisfied with the care he received, and happy with his transformation to a smart and confident toddler. At times, he has even surprised us with the little things he learnt at Klay – whether it be new words, stories or rhymes. Best wishes for Klay PSN to continue to be a centre of excellence in infant care and toddler care.

Manju/Rajeev, Parents of Pranav Namboothiri-Sr Toddler,KLAY PSN

Klay, like the name suggests we send our little boy to be shaped and groomed and we were not disappointed. Pratyush has been taught and nurtured well. His interests were always encouraged to accept and excel in challenges ahead.

Prerna, Mom of Pratyush

As working, “first-time” parents, our biggest concern is to ensure that our child is well taken care of. When we stepped into KLAY, we knew that we were going to be in safe hands and we were right! Aaryan has been very comfortable from the get-go – thanks to Anil, Asha, Deepa, Nirmala, Sushmitra, Glory and the entire KLAY team who made him so comfortable. We enrolled Aaryan 3 months back and to our delight it was a smooth transition for him. He loves going to KLAY and we have seen his social skills improve. His teachers are doing a fabulous job, engaging him in a number of activities (Being Literate, Numerate, Knowledgeable, Healthy, etc.). He has made good friends at the centre. To top it all, on demand CCTV streaming allowed us as parents to feel a sense of security. And the meticulous adherence of high hygiene, maintenance of the facility and choice of infrastructure (whether it is sun lit rooms, individual cane cots, use of sanitizers, temperature checks) makes KLAY a perfect home away from home. You create the most conducive environment for his overall development. Thanks particularly to all the teachers for being there for Aaryan helping him grow into a well-mannered 20-month old kid.

Saumya & Vikram Jiandani, Parents of Aaryan – Junior toddler

We have been with Klay for more than a year now. Our experience with Klay has been very good. For us, just like every parent, it was very important where do we send our kid to. So we inquired and finally decided on Klay. One of the things that attracted Klay is the live video option that we parents have where we can see our kid real time. Klay staff has always been helpful and a special thanks goes to Sheetal. She is very approachable and is very patient in listening our unique situations and helping us fit in the Klay framework. We started with schooling, extended it for lunch and now have extended it to half day care. Our daughter looks forward to go to school so much that, even on weekends, she asks us, don’t we have school today? Thanks a lot Klay, Sheetal for all the help and keep up the excellent work.

Utkarsh, Anagha, Parent of Miraya – Klay Hyderabad

It’s a pleasure and immense joy to see our Child in Klay Play Schools-Mindspace. We Venu and Madhavi, the parents of Devaki (4Years 11Months) old in After School (12.30pm-7.30pm) feel proud to see our child grow up. We saw the entire Klay team, nurturing and nourishing her social, interpersonal skills. There is a lot of change in her attitude, behavior and manners after we joined her here. A big thanks to the entire Klay staff, who especially helped us about our fears and breaking the barriers as this is the first time Devaki was put into Day Care. The entire staff ensured and proved to us that they take nice care of her and groomed her to be well behaved child. Within now time Klay staff has helped and supported my child in 360 degrees. And now after spending nearly 4 months in the school, we in our family feel Klay is a second home for my child.

Venu and Madhvi

Our experience with Klay has been very homely. It has always been a home away from home for my son. All members of Klay ensure that all his needs are facilitated. I appreciate their cooperation whenever required. He gets an opportunity to have a friends circle that would ultimately benefit him in having his own social life. Also, he enjoys his playtime and all the craft activities provided by the facility. Which he joyfully shares with me every day. All these, then become memories that he can cherish as his childhood. Thanks to Klay School.

Love Alan and Family

Alan’s Parent ( After-Scholar), Amadeus

It has been a wonderful and great time for Aditri (Tia) for the past 2 years at KLAY. We as parents have seen considerable development of her social, academic and overall personality as she grew up under KLAY care. Thanks to you all, we would be cherishing a lot of wonderful memories set by the activities, interactions and events held with our child.

Arunabh & Debalina, Parents of Aditri

My daughter Niralya started attending KLAY from January 2016 and we are glad we chose this school. We appreciate all the hard work the teachers and the staff put in for the children. It helped increase her social and emotional development. We feel comfortable leaving our daughter at school and and do not have to worry about her safety. The personal care taken by your team is simply great. Thank you for all you care. We will recommend KLAY to our friends as well.

Arun Nagarajan, Niralya’s Father

Klay has been a home away from home for my daughter Kisha. I started off with Klay when she was 16 months and all the staff( Didis and teachers) have been very supportive right from the settling period till date. Kisha enjoys a lot at Klay and at the same time she has learnt so much the fun way. She doesn’t want to come back home with me in the evening sometimes. And I am so relieved that my kid is in safe hands.

Thank you KLAY for all the support to us – the working mothers. Keep up the good work!!!

Varsha Gandhi, Mother of Kisha Gandhi – After schooler

I cant say enough good things about the Klay family. My 2 yyear old has been here for 6 months and she loves the school and daycare. The teachers, the didis and the Director will always go the extra mile to make sure you and your child are happy and comfortable. All situations are handled with grace and poise. Ariana is thriving and becoming more and more independent. We intend to have a long term relationship with the Bandra centre. Thank you, Team Klay!

Kinjal Darukhanawala, Mother of Adriana

Hi Namita,

Thank you for all your efforts. I thought I will take this opportunity to make a special mention for “Nimi ma’am” as today was Kartikeya’s day 9 for settling in. I wish he could say it in his own words but as of now I’ll have to do this on his behalf.

She really made it easy for him and I could already see my little toddler waiting for her instructions 🙂 Nimi has become a permanent feature for him while at school and hats off to her patience and support. Needless to say you and all your staff have been very helpful and flexible and we look forward to many special moments at Klay.

Thanks Nidhi & Rajesh

Nidhi, Parent of Kartikeya – Cyber City

Our association with Klay started in Oct 2014 when as an anxious parent and worried mother was scared to leave my 9 month old kid with any one else. However, this decision turned out to be a wonderful experience where the teachers and nannies took personal care of the child giving him the love and affection with no compromises to child’s health, hygiene and cleanliness. The trust that was built made me to come to this centre again after a break of nearly two years for preschool and day care facility for my cute little naughty kid. It’s second home to him now who spents his entire day here with a big smile on his face and can see the happiness in his face when he describes me the day’s proceedings with so much zeal and enthusiasm. My sincere thanks to the management and staff for helping us lead a hassle free work life!!!

Anil Kumar and Dezalina, Ekaksh -Sn. Toddler – DLF phase 1

KLAY is our daughter Judith’s 1st stepping stone toward learning.

She’s been in the daycare over one year now and currently in Pre-K. When we enrolled at KLAY, she hated the idea of staying away from home. But now there have been times when she wants to spend more time at KLAY. The teachers are really connected and understand the children. We as parents also have gained confidence in KLAY Domlur over the year of wonderful experiences. Every activity is planned and delivered with so much diligence. We are amazed at the development we have seen in Judith at this young age. She is well versed with everything taught at KLAY. Don’t think we were this knowledgeable at the same age. She even sings the national anthem (with some of her own versions sometimes). From one or two words to articulating complete sentences, expressing emotions, like/ dislikes, identifying objects/ colors/ people and lot more. It’s just amazing… Not sure as working parents we would have managed to teach so many things if not for KLAY.

I have even recommended my fellow IBMers, friends and relatives too to enrol at KLAY. Hope the fire and rigor in KLAY to walk the children through their growing years burns forever with as much passion and love.

Great going Shalini and Team!!!

Shilpi, Mother of Judith (PreK)

To the centre director and all beloved & caring teachers, caretakers and support staff, we would love to thank KLAY E-city from our heart for the support & responsibility shown by you all in helping raise our baby Advika so well. You’ve also encouraged us to be better and more participative parents in our child’s growth. We have trusted you with Advika’s care since she was an infant and now we have more years to go with KLAY!

Abhijeet & Arpita, Parents of Advika (Senior Toddler)

KLAY is fun for PAARTH and he enjoys all the activities. We almost feel that he does not miss his parents when at KLAY. Also after joining KLAY we feel that his grasping capabilities of anything told have increased tremendously. We thank KLAY and congratulate them on doing a good job every day as our concerns are always addressed without fail.

Pallavi, Parent of Paarth Bhat, HRBR

I would like to inform you that today (31st May 2016) would be Aditri Basak’s last day at KLAY PSN. She would now be moving to nursery in another school. It has been a wonderful and great time for Aditri (Tia) since the past 2 years at KLAY PSN. We as parents have seen considerable development of her social, academic and overall personality as she grew up under KLAY care. Thanks to you all, we would be cherishing a lot of wonderful memories set by the activities, interactions and events held with our child. We would like to take this opportunity to heartily thank the principal, teachers and all the staff, in providing the best care/attention that can be provided in a school. Its indeed with heavy heart we have to move Tia from KLAY to another bigger school and we would always be comparing the standards set by you which we are used to at KLAY with that to the new environment.

Nonetheless, we would also be in the lookout for Tia’s after school care in case she needs it in the near future. We hope that you would be accommodating enough at that time to take her back for after school day care during which your co-operation would be highly appreciated.

Arunabh Basak and Debalina Basak, Parents of Aditri Basak – Prek, KLAY PSN

When we decided to start sending Freya to day care she was just 8 months old. We were nervous but in spite of it decided to send her for a few hours. When we first walked into the centre we were greeted by a warm smile from the teachers. The three days of settlement period was enough for us to trust them to take care of her the way we wanted it. The transparency that klay offers in their communication is something that stood out for us. There hasn’t been a day that we have been disappointed. Everyday Freya comes to school with a big smile and that is all that matters to us.

Tushar, Freya’s Father

We started our son at the Klay Centre on Lavelle Road 5 months back and since then he has grown and learnt by leaps and bounds. We often find him coming home and spurting out new words, colors and even rhymes that he’s picks up at school. The staff and teachers take great care from the moment he’s dropped off and we really think he thrives in the nurturing environment provided there.

Janet, Tarek’s mother-junior toddler

Hello KLAY team, Atharv joined KLAY in May 2017 and it’s been 11months being associated with KLAY. Earlier we had lot concerns when he was enrolled. Constantly we approached you to get it resolved and KLAY warmly welcomed all our requests. Initially it took time for KLAY to provide resolution because the Centre was new, Staff was less but with the time I have seen progressive improvements. Now the centre looks much stabilized in comparison to last year. Another good point is that the centre continue to add on infrastructure to provide protection to kids like- safeguard on walls, corners, doors, floors, etc… KLAY’s focus on taking kids out for outdoor play is also appreciable as natural air/light is important for their growth. According to me, the areas of improvements are mainly related to CCTV and activities in Infants. In nap room it’s hard to figure out that whether there is a kid or not in the cot. Probably you need to change the position of CCTV. Also, CCTV streaming is not yet stabilized as it breakdown quite often. Regarding activity, mostly i have seen kids playing own their own and I feel that in comparison to newsletter, not all activities are performed You may need to plan it in better way to cover all activities. Having said this, your team is always ready to provide us information over phone when CCTV is not working or they notice any problem with kids. I feel happy when I see Atharv speaking or doing an activity that I have not make him learn. I really appreciate the efforts your team is putting in taking care of our kids. Patience and affection towards kids is what you need to handle such small kids and I believe that’s what your team has. Taking care of their basic needs and providing it timely is not an easy task. When I drop Atharv in the morning to daycare, the way he goes running towards teacher/Didi and when I pick him up in the evening, the way he greets teacher makes me feel happy and satisfied that my kid is in safe hands.

Aditya & Ashima, Parents of Athrav

Dear Team, Thank you for providing a home away from home for our son.The warmth,creativity and nurturing provided by the school has added new dimensions to his personality. He has come a long way from being a clinging baby to an independent spirited young fellow;all because of the school’s loving touch. He is going to miss his caring teachers especially Pavani, Thema , Anuradha and Sheetal as he has grown to love them. I pray that your school continues to flourish; moulding the lives of tiny tots who come under your care. Warm Regards, Kangan

Kangan, Parent of Siddharth – Klay Hyderabad

Initially, we thought our son was too young to start Daycare but, he started adopting to the school because of the great work by the staff. The Klayschool-Mindspace has a very safe and secure environment and the staff are fantastic and very approachable. This is the most fantastic, well organised, well run and friendly school I’ve ever come across and I am delighted that my son is started his first learning of his life. My son is having his proper food when we leave his at the school and he started learning how to interact with the people around. . I feel proud to bring my son to KlaySchool. I personally thank everyone for wonderful job. Thank you again.

Raju & Srilakshmi, Parents of Ruthvik

When Ani is cranky and I tell him we’ll go to Klay, he gets all excited and stops crying. These are the times I am assured that he is in the best place. When I hear the new rhymes and see those little hands in action, when he gets bored on weekends but not on weekdays, when he suddenly starts running faster one day and I realize it is because of the sports practise, when I hear from another parent who is in the settlement phase that Ani is a very happy child, when I see him excited in the morning at the doorstep of Klay, I know for sure that he is in the right place. I take this opportunity to thank all the Klay staff of PTP and the Klay management. It has been a wonderful journey so far and I wish I find a school as good as this for his higher standards as well Thanks for all that you guys do to keep our children happy 🙂

Anirudha’s Parent ( Jr. Toddler)

My daughter Niralya started attending KLAY since this January 2016 and we are glad we chose this school. Appreciate all the hard work the teachers and the staff put in for the children. It helped increase her social emotional development. We feel comfortable leaving our daughter at school and not worried about her safety. The personal care taken by your team was simply great. Thank you for all your care. We will recommend KLAY to our friends as well.

Arun, Father of Niralya

There is only one word that can describe our experience at KLAY Kadugodi and that is WONDERFUL. The teachers, the director and the school overall are all wonderful. Our son, Reyansh, started at KLAY in the Toddler program. We were really concerned about the initial separation. But the staff have been so patient and nurturing that after only a handful of visits, Reyansh stopped crying during the morning drop off and actually looked forward to going to school. They understand that each child is different and try to be sensitive to their individual needs and learning curves. Finally, KLAY could not be so great without strong leadership which is displayed from the centre director. Not only do they try to keep up-to-date with the educational needs of the children but they also speak to the parents and play with the kids. Reyansh is always nostalgic when he sees the school building. Thank you all for making it a memorable experience for our son and for us.

Parul and Abhinav, Parents of Reyansh

Hi Namita, As you all know, today is Aniket’s last day in TCL. At this moment I would like to take this opportunity to say BIG THANKS to all his teachers and didi’s on his behalf. As a parent it has been always been a priority for us to provide good learning and growing environment to my kid. And I remember when we first time visited to TCL having a lot of queries in mind, we got a positive wave from there. Down the line TCL had proven that and kept our expectation. Now days went so fast and it has been more than 1.5 years relationship with TCL. I am very happy with Aniket’s growth at TCL and wanted to show my gratitude to his Teachers (Ashu and Nimmi) and Didi’s. Special thanks to Anjana Didi for all her love and care for Aniket. I am sure he is going to miss all of you and his friends (specially Dwiji). My best wishes to TCL. Thanks for all you effort and care. Please pass our greetings to your staff. Proud Parents Anil & Rekha

Anil and Rekha, Parents of Aniket – Cyber City

We are proud KLAY parents. Our daughter Mishika has been going to KLAY for more than a year now and it has been a fabulous experience; The teachers, didis, and the staff is very cooperative, lending support to us in extended working hours also. Mishika has learnt a lot here. She explores new things everyday. The environment is very homely, giving personal attention to each child. Our pleasure to be a part of the KLAY Family.

Manoj and Shivangi Aggarwal, Parents of Mishika-S. Toddler – DLF phase 1

I had missed the Father’s Day celebrations at KLAY. I came home late and there was Ashvik waiting to show me what he had made. I was truly moved and was filled with joy. My first Father’s Day card from Ashvik. I enjoyed every word that was carefully selected, I read and re-read the wordings, saw the little feet in that painting and I will cherish that moment forever.

I truly appreciate the efforts taken by his teachers and all the staff at KLAY for all the excellent work and care that is given to the children.

From Happy Parents, Ganesan and Arasi

Ganesan and Arasi, Parents of Ashvik

Rishvi enjoys school a lot and tells us whatever she learns in class. She enjoys painting, rhymes, playtime etc. I was very happy to see that whenever a child enters KLAY, teachers check temperature. This helps the child as well as other children so they do not get fever. I would love to say that teachers care more for my baby than me as I have to work. KLAY also shares pictures of the babies on Facebook so we do not miss their childhood memories. Now I can be relaxed and go to office as my child is in safe hands.

Parents of Rishvi, Rishvi (Senior Toddler)

Our daughter has been with Klay since her pre-school and we have had a wonderful experience with the school, the teachers and the administration in all aspects. Everyone is approachable, friendly and willing to adapt according to the needs of the child and the parents! The supportive, friendly and flexible environment that the school provides enabled our child to develop a positive and confident attitude. Her teacher played a huge role in providing her the very essential support and confidence from an early stage on, motivating and constantly encouraging her to develop her social skills. We are very happy to be associated with the excellent group of teachers, who are always willing to go the extra mile to provide that additional sense of comfort for the children; the administration, specifically Yamini, with whom we can share anything that bothers or concerns us and who is always more than willing to accommodate our requests, and all the staff in the school who provide all the care and support.

Sumitha, Parent of Sanjana HRBR

I would like to share some feedback with you.

My daughter started going to KLAY from May 2015 and I must say that you are the best Centre Director till date! The way you interact with the parents, the attention you give to every kid, the help you provide to solve the parents’ concerns, quick reply to e-mails and the overall governance of the centre are exemplary. Great going Abanti! Thanks a lot for giving me confidence that my child is in safe hands!

I would like to appreciate Monica as well. Her willingness to help, the way she answers to queries and her pleasant interaction with parents are commendable. Great work!

I have a request to you .While recruiting new staff please see to that they do have a positive attitude and pleasant manners apart from the qualifications and experience. That really makes a difference!

Keep up the good work!

Divya, Parent of Meenakshi Dev – Pre K, KLAY PSN

I’m Smitha.My daughter Diya joined Klay about a year back in the senior toddler.We are very happy with our experience in Klay.The school has given her a new perspective to approach and understand the people and different concepts around her.Her teacher’s have helped to arouse her curiosity to learn and understand the basics.At the same time Klay has provided her a safe and secure environment to grow and cherish the joys of her school days.As parents we appreciate the school and staff’s direct communication on a day to day basis about the kid’s entire day in school.Wishing Klay and the entire team All the very best.Please do keep up the great work you are doing i.e, moulding the minds of young budding talents. Great Work!!!!.

Smitha’s Testimony, Diyamitra Menon – Pre-K

It was our first time enrolling our daughter in infant daycare so we were nervous at first but the teachers and the rest of the staff at KLAY are so incredible that they soon made us feel comfortable. Our daughter is excited every morning about going to school. She’s becoming more social and educated each day. We are very thankful to have discovered KLAY and its incredible staff. We highly recommend this school.

Zara, Zoey’s mother-infant

Excellent place to nurture young minds. Well trained faculty, cooperative and take care of our kids fabulously. Great teacher to student ratio.

Sibasis Das

Klay has been a great starting place for our daughter. She started here when she just 9 months old and its been a little over 2 years and we never had a think twice about the choice we made. The special attention given to infants and toddlers is a huge help for working parents. Our heartfelt thanks to the Klay management (Sheetal), teachers, caretakers and support staff have always been very flexible and accommodative to parents needs. Its been truly a second home for our little one.

Keertana and Kailash, Parents of Nethra – Klay Hyderabad

My daughter Adwiti Joined Klay when she was 6 months, Intially we were worried so much, But believe me Klay is best place for any Kid. The way they take care of our kids is best.

All the members in Klay are very humble. When ever we say to our kid(Adwiti) – “Klay School, Ramya Mam, Devi Mam” My daughter gives huge smile. This shows how good and friendlythay are to kids. Centre Head Rachana makes us feel so comfortable when we enter Klay. Her Big smile always makes you very happy and gets the feel that our kid is in really safe hands.

I personally feel KLAY is best .

Adwiti’s Parent (Infant), Amadeus

While I was nervous about Akshi settling down in the day care, the teachers at KLAY made it an easy and pleasant experience.They show amazing confidence and help Kids settle down quicker. Within just 2 months of being in KLAY, Akshi looks comfortably settled and she is able to learn new things.

Thanks to KLAY for making this hard decision of leaving my daughter in a day care a much more easier one. Glad to be a part of KLAY!

Vaishno, Mom of Akshadha

Hi Namita,

Our son, Nivedh, has been going to TLC for more than a year now, and I want to thank TLC and specially Ashu for making his stay so pleasurable. Since his day one in the centre, Ashu has been a second mother to him, not just ensuring he eats on time, learns new things and his manners, but ensuring that he is happy. The love Nivedh gets from Ashu is beyond words. It is to the extent that while we were playing yesterday at home, he decided to call me Ashu ma’am, and told me, that mumma, you are not mumma. You are Ashu ma’am. This explains in itself the love he gets from her, and the school in general. I have always been very vocal on how Ashu has been like a mother to Nivedh. Hopefully she graduates to Pre-K when Nivedh moves to that section (similar to their movement from infants to junior toddlers).

Thank you for the support your team extends to keep the smile on our baby’s face.

Best, Neha

Neha Killa, Parent of Nivedh – Cyber City

We have been delighted by the care and affection bestowed by the teachers and didis at Klay.Yashika has been at Klay for a few months now and has picked up dancing, pottery, taekwando in such a small time. When I pick her and ask “Did you have fun today?”, she always says emphatically “Yes”.Klay is a part of TLC which was a day care at my company -HUL big reason why I chose to put my child here. The CCTV lets you monitor what the child is upto and is a big plus for restless parents.But in just few days you stop looking cos you know your child is well taken care of.

Deepti & Karthik, Parent of Yashika-Jn. ASDC – DLF phase 1

It has been a pleasure sending Devansh to KLAY. He has grown immensely and has learnt so much. I am really thankful to all the teachers at KLAY, who take so much pain in bringing up each and every child. I would like to personally thank Jesse didi as well for her efforts and love with Devansh. Finally I would thank Shalini for running KLAY so successfully and doing a brilliant job with every child. I am glad to have taken the decision of sending Devansh to your school.

Shivani and Dhruv, Parents of Devansh

Amazed at the way Esha has settled down in KLAY, all thanks to the efforts of the teachers and staff at KLAY E-city. A Big Thank You!

Parents of Esha, Esha (Senior Toddler)

My daughter is two and a half years old and studies at KLAY Schools, HRBR. I like the school because the teachers and faculty take a personal interest in each child and are very hands-on. It’s a fun place for my daughter to learn and I get much reassurance that its clean, well managed and she is in safe hands. They are also very understanding and flexible in working with parents on their individual needs and concerns. Ms. Yamini, the Centre Director, is particularly very involved, friendly and always accessible. It is a positive sign that a parent can reach out to the management easily and without hesitation.

As a new parent when I first took my daughter to school, I was so nervous and apprehensive but the team at KLAY HRBR were very understanding, allayed all my fears and helped my daughter settle in quickly

Lara, Mother of Aneira

Since its the last day for pradhyun in this centre,i thought of just thanking each one of you for all that you have done for my son and me 🙂 . A big thanks to Reena (Infant HOD not with Klay any more ) and Priya who were first Teachers and care takers of my son. Will never forget them. They were great with my son n took care of my son like their own when he was just 8 Months old. Thank u. Thanks a Ton to Abhanti and Insiya (Not with Klay anymore) to listen patiently to all my complaints and concerns and try and fix them as much as possible, Thanks to all his present teachers to love my son so much n take care of his daily needs,sorry I don’t know the names of all of them. Thanks to aishwarya and Monica for constantly answering my phone calls and updating me,sorry I called a little too many times I guess :-p. And last but not the least thanks to all the maids who took care of my son. All in all you guys have a big hand in what my son is today.

Cheers 🙂

Renu, Parent of Pradhyun-Sr Toddler, KLAY PSN

Klay Lavelle provides a home away from home for our son.The warmth, creativity and nurturing provided by the school has added new dimensions to his personality.

Over the last few months, we have seen him grow into an independent spirited child, all because of the school’s loving touch.

The best part of the team at Lavelle is the exceptional way the teachers handle the kids with immense patience and care!

We wish them the best in their journey!

Kangan, Siddharth’s mother-junior toddler

My daughter has been going to this day care for the past 4 months now. I am a very happy KLAY parent as KLAY staff and set up provides for an overall nurturing environment for infants. The caregiver to child ratio is the best I have seen in any other similar facility. They are very open to feedback and try to engage kids as much as possible in the entire day. Its tidiness and hygiene of the staff also reassures me as a mother. I can concentrate on my work knowing that my baby is in good hands and taken care of. The live monitoring facility is another plus point as I can see my child throughout the day and monitor her well being, not that it is much required with KLAY! Priyanka Mam is very patient and is always dealing with the kids in a very calm manner with a smile on her face. Overall I would recommend KLAY to any parent who are struggling to manage work and childcare.

Anubha Rai

At the outset, we would like to thank Management of Klay for providing such a warm, friendly, reliable and caring service to us for over a year. My Daughter Akshara has grown up here under your expert teachers and nannies supervision with good health and overall development, for which we will always be grateful to your team.

Earlier, I have a put her in an another reputed day care in Hi tech city but after moving to Klay I found the difference and understood your brand value. This has been a second home to my child and her learning here under the well planned curriculum has been excellent. I have to mention that she fell less sick after moving here and also enjoyed coming here every day.

Special thanks to Pavani mam for being so affectionate on Akshara and taking care of her so well. That even at home she recalls her and waits to be left next day with her. My little baby has learned to say thank you, sorry, etc at such a young age which has made her a very disciplined toddler.

Your premises are well maintained, hygienic and spacious with state-of-art toys and attractive for the kids that it becomes difficult to take her home from this place.

Also, the kind of interactive programs that you have organized and celebrating all occasions has been so wonderful and no doubt that we have had the best experience with our little one here. Keep up the excellent work that your team is doing and be the pioneers in this Industry!!

Regards, Indira Mohan

Indira Mohan, Parent of Akshara Saravanan – Klay Hyderabad

Klay has become a fantastic second home for my two-year old. The teachers and staff are fanstastic and accommodate all requests that a new, reluctant parent might have when leaving their little ones at Klay for the first time. I can now go to work completely relaxed, knowing that my daughter is not only in safe but also loving and caring hands. Thank you Klay!

Aariana’s Parent ( Jr.Toddler)

KLAY has met all my expectations!

I simply admire the teachers and the support staff for their love and warmth for the kids. The teachers are always smiling and they handle the kids with so much patience!

Thanks for being there KLAY and taking good care of my child. I recommend Klay to all parents who are looking for a safe and warm place for their kids.

Bhavana, Mom of Vedaant

Dear Namita,

I just thought of letting you know that despite over 2 months having passed since Shreyan last attended KLAY, he still remembers his Apoo Ma’am and Ashu Ma’am and some of his friends like Yashu. And anytime their names are mentioned he smiles. This just goes to show what wonderful care all of you took of him at KLAY. Really cannot thank you enough and hope to see you all soon with Shreyan.

Keep up the excellent work!

Warm Regards, Kuheli

Kuheli, Parent of Shreyan – Cyber City

Our daughter Mira has been with Klay since last 8 months. As parents, we were nervous about her settling in a daycare. The food, environment, teachers and caretakers, there were so many things we wanted to make sure were right for her. As a little toddler who just turned 1, Mira needed a lot of care and attention and we were unsure how much we should expect from a daycare.

KLAY has proven to be a wonderful experience for Mira as well as us as parents. Seeing her grow into a confident little girl has definitely put all our fears to rest.

The day care and management is very professional which makes a huge difference as compared to other daycares.

Thank you Klay for teaching Mira so much in such a short time and taking good care of her.

Akanksha Sethi and Sahil Kapoor, Parent of Mira, Junior toddler – DLF phase 1

We would like to thank the KLAY team and Shalini in particular for the support during the last 2 years.

Honestly, Dhruvi and us are already missing KLAY. We often remember the team’s support and guidance in bringing him up. He often talks about the fun times he has had with the staff and friends there. Clearly he loves his Jeevitha ma’m like anything 🙂 and adores tara ma’m, biji ma’m, ayesha ma’m, jessi didi and the other teachers and staff 🙂

Shalini, we saw the centre grow by leaps and bounds under your leadership and this has made a world of difference to the children 🙂 We hope KLAY continues to grow strong like this and wish you all the very best always!

Gowri and Mrunal, Parents of Dhruv

All my PreK teachers and all akkas, thank you for teaching me, guiding me, caring for me and nurturing my curious mind.

Parents of Mihika on behalf of Mihika, Mihika (PreK)

Thanks a lot for taking a great care of Myra. I can see her growing and learning new thing everyday ….We truly value what you do for our child everyday.Its Priceless.Keep it up.

Myra’s Mom & Dad, Infant – KLAY PSN

As parents of a 15 month old, stepping out of his home for the first time, we were both apprehensive and anxious parents. The teachers and staff at Klay Lavelle road have been warm and loving and have helped make it a second home for our child. We can see the progress that he is making in grasping new concepts, vocabulary, curious spirit and social skills. We look forward to being part of this journey in his early formative years.

Kanan and Pranav, Abhimanyus parents-junior toddler

This is not a testimonial that I am writing for your website, but a genuine heartfelt thanks. We’re so happy that finally Zavian has come into his own at Klay and is being treated uniquely. He is becoming smarter, more intelligent, wittier, and is understanding life skills like sharing and such, at a great pace too.

As a parent, what could be more comforting than the fact that while Klay does provide CCTV footage, you feel like you don’t need to keep a constant tab or be paranoid, because your child is in good hands. That’s the kind of comfort we now have with Klay. Our 2 year old has learnt so many life skills in school and has such a close connect with his teachers that he talks about them frequently outside school and on weekends.

I don’t feel like I’m leaving my toddler with strangers, but in fact a close loving acquaintances, who have a great bond with my son.

Thanks Rachna Ma’am, Razia Ma’am, Sunitha Ma’am, Prameela Ma’am and all of the other wonderful teachers for making this happen.

Heartfelt Thanks on this Thanksgiving Day!


Zavian’s Parent ( Jr. Toddler)

I am so glad that I made the decision to move my little daughter to KLAY. As a mother I was assured that my child is safe, secure, well-fed, well-rested, always learning and looking forward to going to KLAY every single day. This is an amazing job done by KLAY – answering a working mother’s prayers.

Jasveen & Jasjot, Parents of Sehaj


Just wanted to thank Namita from our side, for providing us exemplary support and help, in organizing Nivedh’s birthday at the centre. It meant a lot to us, and you have been extremely helpful and supportive as this was the only celebration we had in mind for Nivedh. The support from teachers and the didis was wonderful and simply fantastic, really appreciate and thank them for their help.

Also we are very happy with the kind of new initiatives we are seeing at TLC Gurgaon like plants, metro rides etc, which are contributing towards a more holistic development of our children. Thank you and please keep the good work going on.


Vinod Pillai

Vinod, Cyber City

Maria likes KLAY a lot, In the morning, the moment she see the KLAY name board, she is super excited and happy. Also in the evenings she is not ready to come with us as she again wants to play around. Seems like KLAY has become her favourite place within just two months. We are 100% happy with the way our child is being taken care at KLAY

Maria’s Parent (Jr.Toddler), JP Morgan

Hi Anant,

This week is the final week for Divyanka in KLAY, Cybercity and I thought of penning down my final impressions on the 1 year and 4 months she has spent here.

Without doubt the highlight of the journey would be starting Feb 2016 once Namita took over as Centre head of the Cybercity centre. Appreciate the management for the timely and much required changeover. I have seen a very positive change taking place and the Centre is no doubt much better aligned with the expectations we parents have considering you are one of the premium daycare centres and also the fast paced/hectic life in the Corporate sector.

Namita is doing a great job as she is more involved in at the ground level with teachers/nannies and children, more open to suggestions/feedback, impartial and absolutely professional in her approach. I guess the team is shaping up quite well under her. A special word of appreciation for the Pre-K teachers and nannies as well (Jaya, Parineeta, Supreet- presently with KLAY Sohna Road and Anjana) who are not only more involved/aware/focussed and loving with the children but also have a logical thought process which has helped me to trust them. No wonder the number of untoward incidents have gone down. The last 8 months have been a relief and lot of less stress for me thinking that Divyanka is taken good care of.

A special thanks to Jaya for taking efforts to get Divyanka toilet trained and keeping her without diaper whole day in the Centre which possibly I would not have dared!

Thanks to Rekha (Nanny – No more with KLAY) as well the who took care of her the first crucial 8 months when she was graduating from an infant to a toddler.

I would like to leave a suggestion here which I believe can further improve things – Make outdoor play a part of everyday routine irrespective of weather since most children today are Vit. D deficient. I have seen some schools let the children play around for half an hour before they enter the school itself. Possibly that may work out from 8.30 am to 9.30 am for your centre. Any additional outdoor play when the weather is good is added bonus.

I take this opportunity to wish all the best to Namita and her team and hope the same progress towards excellence continues. At the same time I look forward to our future associations we well. Thank you.

Best regards

Debjani Mukherjee

Debjani, Cyber City

As Prisha steps out of KLAY school today to join her “BIG” school, I would like to give a “BIG” note of thanks to your KLAY team for all the love and care you showered on Prisha while grooming her….Prisha was used to individual attention by her exclusive nanny and I wanted her to come out of her pampered and comfort zone and learn to do things independently and I must say that you guys did a wonderful job to make her independent like eating on her own, putting her own shoes etc etc…your progressive teaching mentality, the cleanliness you maintain, the healthy and balanced meals you prepare, the live streaming camera facility for all your classrooms which you provide for parents viewing are unparallel and comparable to international standards…….kudos to your team !!! ……I was so skeptical initially when I put Prisha for the first time in daycare but visit to your school cum daycare took away all my separation anxieties…. I could work peacefully in office because I knew you all would take good care of my daughter….Oodles and Oodles of thanks from Sayantani

Sayantini, Cyber City

Shikha Mittal, Mother of Arjun, KLAY-TLC Bandra, Mumbai.

I’ve seen him transform from an extremely shy boy to a confident young boy. I think this is the best thing I could have done for Arjun.

Kinjal Darukhanawala, Mother of Ariana, KLAY-TLC Bandra, Mumbai

I think people are still warming up to the idea of sending kids to day care in India. But I would just say to moms in general, you don’t need to put your careers on hold!

Tahira Nath, Mother of Veda, KLAY-TLC Bandra, Mumbai

Veda joined KLAY one day after she turned 1 and has been a happy preschooler ever since. This place (KLAY) has become Veda’s home away from home. She always

Rooki Shetty Mother of Tia, KLAY-TLC Bandra, Mumbai.

I don’t feel guilty when I’m at work. I don’t feel bad that somebody else is raising my daughter. I don’t feel bad at all, because I know that they’re doing a good job! I’ve had good experiences. Tia’s learning curve has improved so much in terms of how she looks at things and how responsible she is. Daycare, I feel, is a better option than keeping a nanny at home.

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