KLAY Kindergarten K-1

Age group: 4 yrs onwards

KLAY Kindergarten K-1 program focusses on all round development of a child. Here the curriculum revolves around five pillars of development: Being Literate, Being Numerate, Being Expressive, Being Healthy and Being Knowledgeable. Being Literate not only includes learning language and writing but also communicating. We use Waterford learning program to support learning outcome of our children. Being numerate includes Math as well as problem solving skills and cognitive development. At KLAY we encourage children to express themselves through different media be it dance, music, art or ICT. The Art program at KLAY provides exposure to well-known artists and tribal art from around the world, for example aboriginal art of Australia, Warli Art of Maharastra etc..

K-1 Daily routine

1. Arrival Activity
2. Routine Circle time
3. Concept Introduction
4. Exploring the learning centres – Language, Math, Art, Role play, Block, Discovery (Sand & Water, Sensory, Nature)
5. Story Time / Music & Movement / Puppet Show/ Creative Art / Outdoor
1. Nap time
2. Freshen up
3. Outdoor
4. Video time
5. Free play and getting ready for departure
6. Lunch