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Welcoming the Second Wave of Digital Learning

We are happy to bring to you the second chapter of our Learn@Home program, a LIVE, interactive and safe virtual learning platform ready to welcome your children in the new school year. The program has a perfect mix of live online classes, take home assignments and interactive sessions to develop your child’s cognitive, physical, emotional and creative skills.

We have delivered joyful learning experiences to over 4000 children in the last academic year through Learn@Home and we are super excited to bring on the new academic year 2021-2022.

Admissions Open!

Why Learn@Home?

New Dynamic and Adaptable Platform

A new Teams integrated gamified, easy to use and comprehensive platform called Playablo, with avatars, interactive games and rewards that make learning more fun. Provides access to the child’s assignments, learning resources, report cards and certificates all-in-one place. ​

Here’s a video that will tell you more about this intuitive and comprehensive new learning platform.

Enriching and Fun Early Years Matter Preschool Curriculum

Our curriculum focuses on the holistic development of the child and is suitably mapped to age-appropriate objectives and outcomes. Based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Experiential Learning, the KLAY curriculum empowers the child to be able to establish a routine, follow directions, make friends and work independently. ​

Socio-emotional & Physical Development

A multi-sensory environment that includes group activities, role plays, story time and drama that have been curated to meet the child’s social, emotional, physical and emotional milestones. We make them ‘Big School Ready’!​

Convenient Subscription Based Model Available Even On Weekends

You can opt for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months subscription based on your requirements. For working parents, we have Weekend classes that give you time to bond with your child as they are learning with you!​


Milestones Tracking and Regular Assessments

180 degree evaluation, milestone tracking and regular assessments every term, to let you know of your child’s progress. We also help counsel with strategies, should a child require a more focused stimulation.​ ​

Active and Constructive Screen Time

A staggered, active and productive screen time to ensure a two-way communication between the child and the teacher, ideal for children in their formative years.

Parent-Child Bonding Time

Parents play a critical role in our online and offline activities during the program. With a little support from them, the child smoothly adapts to the new era of digital learning. This is also a great way to create lots of fun, learning and bonding moments and memories between parent and the child.

Experienced and Expert Teachers

KLAY Teachers are real Heroes and we can proudly say that as they always go that extra mile when it comes to creating the bond and settling the child in the new environment.

Safety and health in mind

Our online learning practices are in sync with globally accepted norms. Download the guidelines so that together, we can create for your child a wonderful learning experience.

Blended online-offline learning


1 Hour/Day

9:30 am to 10:30 am
11:30 am to 12:30 pm
4:00 pm to 5:00 pm


1 Hour/Day

9:30 am to 10:30 am
11:30 am to 12:30 pm
4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

K1 and K2

1.5 Hour/Day

9:30 am to 11:00 am
11:30 am to 1:00 pm
4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Activity Of The Week

Subscription Details

1 month

INR 7,999 

3 months

INR 22,797

5% OFF

6 months

INR 43,195

10% OFF

12 months

INR 76,790

20% OFF

Parents Speak

Create a Conducive Learning Environment for Children in the ‘New Normal’

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn@Home is an advanced, interactive online learning solution built in association with an engaging platform to bring the classroom experience to the child’s homes. The program is aligned to KLAY’s highly acclaimed Early Years’ Matter Preschool Curriculum and promises virtual collaboration between teachers and children – the closest we could get to in-person interaction. Available in a subscription-based payment model, the program allows you to pay quarterly, semi-annually or for an entire academic year, as per your convenience. While we offer flexibility in payment, we recommend you complete the entire year so as to reap the complete benefits of our structured curriculum for your child.

We are moving from Kidsloop to a gamified, MS Teams integrated platform which is intuitive, easy-to-use and comprehensive. All key resources like assignments, learning resources and assessments are available to access in one place, in an easy manner. With one click, your child will be able to view the live session on full screen and experience all the other features offered through Microsoft Teams. Teams will also allow for more features like the uploading, and sharing of documents and the accessing of relevant content uploaded by the curriculum team.

The content will also be tweaked further to make it more interactive for children allowing them opportunities for deeper questioning and enquiring. Interesting new elements have been added to ensure that learning continues to be fun. The compatibility and familiarity of the platform will be more dynamic and the new features are curated to meet your child’s social, physical and emotional milestones. It will be an excellent opportunity to interact with peers and teachers in real time.

Yes, our curriculum focusses on the holistic development of the child. It is suitably mapped to age-appropriate objectives and outcomes. Our early years matter preschool program has been curated into daily lesson plans to create learning centres and learning outcomes which can be achieved through all our mediums of learning – online, physical – at home and offline. Our milestone tracking and regular assessments every term will keep all parents apprised of the progress and development in the sessions and will also counsel with strategies should a

child require focussed stimulation. Apart from the regular mapping of the curriculum to get them school ready, we will also be doing group activities, role play, expectation setting through stories and drama to sensitize and familiarise them with the new environment that they will transition to.

The program has been curated to include lots of group activities which will give children an opportunity to interact and help them develop– their social, emotional skills, physical skills, communication skills and cognitive skills. The activities and engagement will also empower them to be able to – establish a routine, control impulses and emotions, take turns, cooperate and follow directions, make friends, empathize with others, communicate emotions, and work independently. These are all key elements for social interaction and will be addressed through Stories, Drama, Show and Tell and Music and Movement sessions.

The program is curated for children between the ages of 2 and 6. There will be four batches according to the program: Toddlers (2-3 years), Pre-K (3-4 years) K1 (4-5 years) and K2 (5-6 years). For the purpose of admissions in each batch, the child’s age as per the academic year is calculated and not as per the child’s date of birth.

The online interactive classes will be for 5 days a week. Besides these, the child will also engage in offline activities independently or with the support of the parents, as per the age group. The Friday sessions will include a recap of the week’s lessons. The sessions per day for Toddlers and Pre-K will be 1 hour and for K1 and K2 will be 1.5 hours.

Yes, the program is available on weekends as well, from Friday to Sunday. The weekend sessions for Toddlers and Pre-K will be 1 hour and for K1 and K2 will be 2 hours.

The program is spread across 5 days of the week and includes online group interactive sessions along with offline activities for children to complete on their own or with the help of parents, as per the relevant age group.

What will not change with our model is our curriculum and learning philosophy which is based on Multiple Intelligence and experiential learning, where the child learns through experiences in and around one’s learning space. The program also includes physical activities, math exercises, language activities, sessions on general awareness, music, art & craft, storytelling etc.

The ratio will be 1:12, i.e. every teacher will be engaging with 12 children during a session.

Assessments will be shared by our teachers every term.

While we as a team of early years’ specialists and educators have put the program together, we still need the parent’s help and support to achieve what we would otherwise achieve in a traditional classroom. We are cognizant of the several commitments parents may have on the work/home front and keeping that in mind, we have worked towards establishing a routine with respect to your child’s engagement in the program. At KLAY, we believe that the involvement and participation of parents go a long way in ensuring that the child gets the

best out of the curriculum. There will be two kinds of engagement- online and offline. Our teachers will engage children through the session while the child is online and we will need the parent’s support post that for the offline session that will comprise of activities that they can engage the child in at their convenient time. We would also need parent support in submitting the child’s work as well as marking observations against the milestone tracker that will be shared. As always, we encourage continued feedback from parents to ensure the program works for the child.

We want to enable children to get back into a routine and replicate a classroom environment for them. Hence, the sessions will not be recorded. However, every Friday, a recap of the concepts taught through the week will be done. Children will also get access to online learning resources.

Learn@Home is a LIVE and interactive session presented in a classroom format. On My Own on the other hand, is a series of pre-recorded sessions and activity worksheets designed basis previous year’s curriculum. These activities are available as a repository on our website for any-time access.

Learn@Home, on the other hand, marks the beginning of the next academic year and will take into account structured learning outcomes and strategies to track the progress of these outcomes in children.

Yes, once the centres are open and we get the go ahead from the government, parents can opt for a hybrid of programs in a 3+2 format wherein they can chose 3 days of a format (between online, in-person and in-centre) and 2 days of another.

Whatever the mode of learning, parents can rest assured that we will ensure that their child is able to cover the academic years learning aligned to KLAY’s early years matter preschool curriculum.

Yes, the program is available in a subscription-based payment model, allowing you to pay quarterly, semi-annually or yearly, as per your convenience.

We follow the concept of staggered, active screen time for our online program. We have consciously ensured that the amount of time the child spends on screen is optimized making sure they complete most of their activities on paper at their desks. Additionally, we have incorporated our lessons in such a way that there is two-way communication between the children and teachers and not just passive absorption of the screen. This kind of interaction makes screen time productive and allows for socio-emotional development and learning of children below 6 years.

Employees who are a part of our current partnership with corporates, will have access to the LIVE, online, classroom-format program, Learn@Home at a special price. Please get in touch with Janaki ( ) to know more.

If you are already part of the KLAY system, please call our IVR number – 7676708888 for a representative to help you through the enrolment process. Alternately, you can also directly subscribe for the program on the Learn@Home page.

Get to know us better!

Panel Discussion: Together, Apart – Uniting Efforts for Children in the New World Order

With children out of school, physical distancing as the new norm, and children’s rights under threat, the new world order has “turned back the clock” on years of progress made on children’s well-being. However, it’s not all bad. As a human race, we’ve been built to adapt: we’ve seen a tipping point in technology-enabled education and the promise of a new education policy in our country.

What can we, as influencers of change in the education space, do to create a better tomorrow for children? Join us for a panel discussion where we can come together to unite our efforts to secure the future of the nex-gen and create a better tomorrow for children.

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Safe or Unsafe?

Identify the safe options

Fly, Fly, Fly Away

Count backwards from 5 to 1 and release the hot air balloons in the sky

Think and Respond

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Let’s go on a ride in different modes of transport

Identify the pictures and match with the correct option

Listen to the sound

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