Parenting Tips

March 26, 2018

The Top Three Myths About Day Care Busted

March 8, 2018

Open Letter from a Stay At Home Mom to a working Mom: Why we should not be apologetic for putting our children in ChildCare.

Dear Working Mom, Do you ever fall asleep wondering if your child is happy? Do you ever wake up tired and anxious with a list of to-dos that increase by the minute? Do you spend the day wondering if you’re doing right by your child and most importantly, by yourself? Do you ever wonder if you’re doing too much, too little or even just enough? I know I do. And something tells me, you do too. But I am teaching myself to rise above my self-doubt and be confident about […]
February 20, 2018

Dance and sing with me, mum and dad

The impact of music on human brain development Human Brain (n): The most complex machine that ever existed – the control room of our body’s every function. As you read these words, you realize, Mr. Brain is at work, and has been since the day you were born! The number of neurons in the human brain are fixed at the time of birth and the connections in these neurons define the personality traits of a human being. The more the stimulation, the better will be the connection. As responsible adults […]
January 19, 2018

How to effectively train for a marathon

So you have taken the major decision to run the KLAY Gurgaon Couple’s Marathon! Congratulations, step one is over. While your mind might be fully set to participate in the marathon, is your body ready for it? After you have registered, it’s now time for you to build up your body’s fitness levels with an intensive training plan for the marathon. How can you and your better half ensure you cross that finish line? Here are some tips on how to prepare for a marathon. How to train for a […]
January 12, 2018

6 ways to help your little ones settle into preschool

Enrolling your little one in a preschool is only the first step in the long (and fun) journey of parenthood. Every child is different and settles in their own time frame – for some, it may be harder than for others. But we urge you not to worry. Read on to know the six best ways to prepare children for preschool. If your little ones are well prepared, they will be able to settle in without too much fuss. How to prepare toddler for preschool Understand your little one: The […]
December 7, 2017

Who are those toys really for?

The more toys children own, the less they actually play with them. Three-year-old Nishant cannot stop talking about the fruits his uncle brought him when he came over to his house in Delhi the other day. It’s been 48 hours since the visit, and 46 since the fruits were consumed. But he just cannot stop gushing to anyone who will listen — the security man, the clerk at the supermarket, his teacher and even his mother, who was present at the time – about the fruits and how they were […]
November 30, 2017

Think Global, Eat Local

The avocado is doing pretty well for itself in the food world right now. Not as well as, say Quinoa or Chia, which in recent years have successfully found themselves growing locally with Indian farmers. But the avocado, also known in some circles as Butter Fruit, has become a favourite first food for health conscious parents. We don’t need to tell you of its health properties because a simple google search will immediately throw up everything from listicles about its 12 proven benefits to essays on its superfood status. But […]
December 8, 2017

How can you insulate your child from violence?

A couple of recent incidents of violence featuring young children have left parents, educators and caregivers extremely rattled. While we spoke about the video showing a mother slapping her three- year-old child for failing to learn counting (, another video has surfaced of a school boy slapping a friend with a viciousness that is unnatural for his age. And even as we write this, the shocking news of the murder of seven-year-old boy in a Gurugram school, has parents and caregivers in a huddle. What are we doing so wrong […]
November 22, 2017

Futile Dreams of a Mom’s Day Off

I was tired. Exhausted after a month-long SAP implementation at the office and days of missing house-help, which left me with a million household chores to attend to, despite my demanding work schedule at the office. I was also in denial. I kept telling myself every time I had a headache or stared in horror at the chapped winter skin of my hands and feet that I did not have time to indulge myself. I had to be a ‘super-efficient super woman,’ the epitome of a demi-goddess at the helm […]