KLAY turns 6!

6th birthday

KLAY celebrates its 6th birthday this month! Over the last 6 KLAYFUL years, we've been guided by 8 essential values that help us deliver the best and most trusted daycare and prep school service in India today

We're celebrating this year by offering a behind-the-scenes look at the thinking and process by which each value is implemented at KLAY. We're offering a bouquet of content and events for parents and children that celebrate our three most important pillars at KLAY - our parents, our employees and most importantly - our children.

AT KLAY, we're guided by 8 essential values that help us focus on delivering high quality child centric education and care. Click on any of the values to understand how we implement these at KLAY, to ensure that every child in our care gets the best possible start in life!

  • Safety
  • Personalised Care and Education
  • Supportive
  • Excellence
6th birthday