Infant Care

Age group: 5 months – 15 months

Full time nurses on duty.

The KLAY infant child care program is designed to provide a safe and secure environment for your baby. Each teacher who is the primary care giver for your little one is a nurturing child development professional and is responsible for your baby’s formative times – those critical one-to-one moments of love, care, play and communication.

Our infant care program has developmental and age appropriate curriculum that invites exploration and celebrates the important milestones that act as transition from infancy towards the active and more independent world of toddlers

KLAY has the child care space and learning ecosystem that helps your tiny tots:

  • Explore a rich sensory environment filled with different experiences of sights, sounds, textures and sensations..
  • Develop fine motor skills and environment to grow, roll over and pull up, crawl and step out into the world..
  • Develop a sense of community that helps your child form relationships that foster a sense of security and trust..
  • Explore the world with well structured learning zones and materials which spark curiosity and provide different experiences.