Explore South India

In Incredible India

for Pre Schoolers

Let’s take a trip down south and explore all that the south of India has to offer.

Session Preparation

1. Intro Video

2. Expert Talk: Play is the highest form of research.

3. Let’s Get Started: Let’s warm-up as we skip count by 2

4. Language is Fun: Learn phonics the fun way.

5. Beyond Numbers: Number quantification and more.

6. Creative Expression and More:  Let’s sing along to some rhymes in regional languages.


  • I was able to associate letters with their sounds.
  • I was able to count objects until number 9 and form my own patterns.
  • I was able to follow the instructions. 
  • I was curious to know about the other cities in South India
How to use this?

This is a development tracker that will help you identify your child’s skill and level of competency. You may want to revisit the KLAY @Home sessions if you think your child needs more time to hone the skills addressed in the sessions.

During Mealtime: As you cook dishes, talk to your children about the ingredients and the Indian states that are famous for the fruit or vegetable they are you are using.

During the Day: Celebrate mangoes and monsoons, festivals and families and colours and art by talking about them throughout the day.

Talk to your children about your wardrobe and the Indian states that are known for designing them.

Always be on the lookout to show children patterns in everyday objects and things.

Objectives of the week

Let’s take a trip down south and explore all that the south of India has to offer.

Sessions of the week

Mon, May 11 Explore South India
Wed, May 13 National Symbols of India
Fri, May 15 Incredible India: A Recap

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