Upon Successful Completion Of The Diploma!

KLAY Preschool Teacher Training Program provides quality teacher training of Early Childhood education in India. High quality early age learning has been shown to have long-term positive outcomes in the future of students leading to more healthy, confident and successful individuals. KLAY Preschool Teacher Training Program draws on the vast experience of KLAY as a leader in early childhood education. Accreditation with KLAY's Preschool Teacher Training Program means teachers are skilled and well equipped to provide a high level of quality care and education for our young ones. Families can be assured that their children are receiving high quality, research based education that sets the foundation for a successful life.


WHY KLAY Preschool Teacher Training Program?

  • 100% Placement with KLAY,
    upon successful completion of the diploma.
  • International research based curriculum
  • Guaranteed 4-week Internship with KLAY
  • Designed by leading child psychologists

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Admission FAQ’s

2000+ Early Childhood Professionals spread across 100+ preschool and childcare centres in India are united in their mission to nurture every child’s gifts! Do you want to join them?

Why is KLAY Preschool Teacher Training Program the ideal Nursery teacher training course for you? Enquire Now!

  • 12 + years of formal education
  • Fluent in English

  • 6 months (25 weeks inclusive of 4 weeks mandatory internship with Klay)
  • Participants need to devote approximately 10 hours per week (6 hours for classes + 4 hours for homework/ assignments)

Week 1Basics of Preschool Education
Weeks 2 & 3Brain Development, Milestones and Development
Weeks 4 & 5Curriculum Planning & Design
Weeks 6 & 7Curriculum Implementation & Evaluation
Week 8Best Teaching Strategies
Weeks 9 & 10Art & Music in Classroom
Weeks 11 & 12Safety & Security
Weeks 13 & 14Health & Hygiene
Week 15Power of Play
Week 16Power of Love
Week 17Team Management
Weeks 18 & 19Family School Partnership
Week 20Communication
Week 21Professionalism

Each session will include classroom theory sessions, group activities, and reflection exercises which will reinforce the content taught during the session. At the end of the course, students need to do a hands-on internship program of 4 weeks in KLAY centres across India.

  • Evaluation Weightage:
  • Compulsory Attendance - 20% (174 classroom hours & 30 hours of Internship)
  • Mid-term exam (to be conducted after 12 weeks) - 20%
  • Internals (Home Assignments presented in class) - 20%
  • Written exam (3 hours on last day of course) – 40% (MCQ, Fill ups, True or False, Short Answers)

Course participants who successfully complete the course will be awarded Certificate of completion by Institute of Early Childhood Education & Development affiliated with KLAY.

Yes, the internship is mandatory as it provides hands on experience and the opportunity for you to put your learnings to the test in the real world

Yes, those who successfully complete the program and receive the diploma certificate will be offered full time roles with KLAY.

Total fee for the 6 month diploma program is Rs. 48,000/- We do have options of scholarships and EMI based payment options.

The program is designed to be a stepping stone into the field of early childhood education. Teachers who work with KLAY often go on to have successful careers in education management. This program opens doors not only to teaching, but curriculum planning and management, pre-school administration and education counselling.

Working at KLAY brings new adventures everyday. Each child is unique and everyday is filled with new experiences and learnings for KLAY staff. Teachers starting with KLAY join as trainees and can progress up to head teachers. There are also opportunities for teachers to switch to management roles or join the curriculum planning team within KLAY.

KLAY is the industry leader in early childhood education and follows a curriculum based on international research in the space of childhood development. Working with KLAY means you are trained in and gaining experience in the latest teaching methodologies being followed in countries such as USA, UK and Singapore.

Program Calendar


JulySec 62 Noida
JulyDLF Ph 4 Gurgaon
JulySec 45 Gurgaon
SeptemberSec 81 Gugaon
SeptemberUppal Gurgaon
OctoberSec 62 Noida


JulyLower Parel


AugustHSR layout
AugustNorth Bangalore
OctoberIndira Nagar
OctoberWhite Field
NovemberElectronic City
DecemberSadashiv Nagar
DecemberWhite Field

Who We Are

KLAY Preschool Teacher Training Program is brought to you by IECED (Institite of Early Childhood Education and Development).

IECED comes under the umbrella of Founding Years Learning Solutions India Private Limited which is the proud parent company of India's Largest and Most Trusted Pre-School and Day Care Centres - KLAY Prep Schools and Daycare

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Life As A Pre-School Teacher


Teacher Testimonials


Swathi Jha

Admission of my child at KLAY and the high quality day care facility has not only resolved my doubts of sending him to school, but the opportunity to work in KLAY as a teacher has given me an identity. The education and quality day care that KLAY provides is highly appreciable. Now, I can give my all to my job along with the firm belief that my child’s growth and care is in good hands. Thanks to KLAY for making me a successful working mom!


Sia Jewani, Mumbai

It has been an honour to be a part of this course. The course highlights how teaching can be fun. Teaching truly is an art in itself. The course constantly emphasizes that is not just books that invoke intellect but requires equal contribution of play, music and art. What is best to know about a child's brain development is how as an environment we stimulate thinking/ multiple brain connections within a child in every moment of our interaction through verbal or non verbal actions.

I have learnt such beautiful concepts such as multiple intelligence, positive reinforcement, classical conditioning and much much more. Through the course you realize how each word said is a word for us but for them it is a world in itself. Every class conducted is an overview of our past and an insight into our children's future.

I got to make such lovely friends. It is amazing to see how we all come from such different educational backgrounds but how beautifully we have been weaved in this course as somewhere we all loved teaching. I look forward to every class every week to meet my lovely friends, my beautiful teacher, my classroom, my chair... reminiscing my childhood all over again. Look forward to much more fun coming our way!!!


Vijitha, Bangalore​

As a parent, I was intrigued by what early child education is all about looking at my child's development at Klay. On knowing there is a course which actually talks about it sparked my interest. It has been about eight weeks now and the journey so far has been amazing.

The way the course is structured makes it simple for a person like me to understand being from an engineering background and not having any prior knowledge on preschool education. The way the lectures are conducted ensures there is never a dull moment in the class.

During each assignment, researching has been a fruitful exercise not just for the assignment but also gave me wonderful ideas of spending quality fun time with my little one and has taught me how you need to keep researching not just as a teacher but also a parent. Parenting for me has always been listening to my instincts and going through this course gives me an additional insight to listen to my child better to cater her needs.


Chitra Singh, NCR

There are some things in life that cannot be learned from just reading a book or studying online. For example, imagine turning up for driving test and having never been behind the wheels of car. Good - teaching is no different and can only be developed through hands on learning.

It felt a bit strange but this is applicable on the first day as after long time I was entering the class room for IDPE but after a short while studies and learning became enjoyable because of the teaching methods used.​

Although overall session were engaging, interactive and communicative but the most encouraging and enriching experience is question and answer session and variety of media and other activities used to cater for learning styles and last but not the least teachers positive and supportive attitude.

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