HRBR Layout

HRBR Layout

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Preschool & Day Care

KLAY at HRBR is a 4 year old centre, ideally located on Outer Ring road, in proximity to Manyata Tech Park and high profile residential localities. It is a home away from home, which is well ventilated and well lit, and the house-like building style gives a cozy feeling for our kids. We operate at multi-levels, which gives us the advantage of splitting children according to the age group. We have a sizeable outdoor area, which includes cycle zone and sand zone.


Plot 5 AC, Opposite Royal Concorde School,
516, Service Road,
Bengaluru Karnataka 560043


Phone: 080 65476114 / 7022617961

Programs and Timings

Yamini S

Coming from commerce background with experience as an editor in medical transcription, early childhood was not my forte to begin with. Motherhood sparked the passion in me to be around young children and to make a difference in their lives. KLAY’s motto about enabling women to get back to work and their willingness to choose young mothers to be their centre directors is what motivated me to join them. After that there is no looking back and I’ve been part of the centre for the past 4 years. All our teachers are graduates, very enthusiastic and passionate about children. We are very choosy in selecting our staff because the main criteria we look for is the right attitude. Support staff are also equally passionate about children. I take pride in saying that most of our teachers and support staff have been with us from the beginning. Parents can rest assured that their children will be in safe hands when they are busy working at their offices.


parent of Saishta, HRBR

First of all , let me thank you and the entire Klay team for the most wonderful Experience that my Little one went through..! Not to forget the respect and love that we got from the team, as proud parents of Saishta.. Your school and the way the curriculum was designed and taught, has groomed my child as someone, who is confident, smart and ready to take over the world at such an age itself... I still remember the day , I stood outside the classroom on the first day, when I admitted her in KLAY, and wept my Heart out all through the day, for what she would probably go through, as to how would she take it, how would she be treated ( coz she is the Princess of our Hearts) , and as to how will her Basic foundation of education, learning and Self-confidence, and Self-esteem be built amongst the first exposure to the outer world, since this would make her grow her roots... And Today..... I stand Tall and Proud and take much Pride in looking at the princess recognise herself as ... I Am SAISHTA ANAND..!!!  And this is the beginning.. Thank you KLAY for taking upon such a great responsibility, in shaping her life... I know, that it must be a routine for the team to see each kid is groomed well, and over the years, must have become a normal habit for you all... But to us, it has made a difference...!!!!!

Thank you for your CARE AND LOVE!!

We will be forever Indebted to KLAY and You Mrs.Yamini for taking up the administration of the School on your Shoulders so Well..!

Congratulations and Cheers to your Success!! Happy grooming kids future!!!!

Love you Guys!!!!


Parent of Paarth Bhat, HRBR

KLAY is fun for PAARTH and he enjoys all the activities. We almost feel that he does not miss his parents when at KLAY. Also after joining KLAY we feel that his grasping capabilities of anything told have increased tremendously. We thank KLAY and congratulate them on doing a good job every day as our concerns are always addressed without fail.


Parent of Sanjana HRBR

Our daughter has been with Klay since her pre-school and we have had a wonderful experience with the school, the teachers and the administration in all aspects. Everyone is approachable, friendly and willing to adapt according to the needs of the child and the parents! The supportive, friendly and flexible environment that the school provides enabled our child to develop a positive and confident attitude. Her teacher played a huge role in providing her the very essential support and confidence from an early stage on, motivating and constantly encouraging her to develop her social skills. We are very happy to be associated with the excellent group of teachers, who are always willing to go the extra mile to provide that additional sense of comfort for the children; the administration, specifically Yamini, with whom we can share anything that bothers or concerns us and who is always more than willing to accommodate our requests, and all the staff in the school who provide all the care and support.


Mother of Aneira

My daughter is two and a half years old and studies at KLAY Schools, HRBR. I like the school because the teachers and faculty take a personal interest in each child and are very hands-on. It's a fun place for my daughter to learn and I get much reassurance that its clean, well managed and she is in safe hands. They are also very understanding and flexible in working with parents on their individual needs and concerns. Ms. Yamini, the Centre Director, is particularly very involved, friendly and always accessible. It is a positive sign that a parent can reach out to the management easily and without hesitation.

As a new parent when I first took my daughter to school, I was so nervous and apprehensive but the team at KLAY HRBR were very understanding, allayed all my fears and helped my daughter settle in quickly