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Meghna Yadav
Child Care and Guidance Expert

Happy Adults = Happy Children

We all want the same thing for our little ones; for them to be always happy. However, research has shown that a lot of times the happiness of our children, depends on the way we, as parents, learn how to regulate our emotions and foster positivity in our own lives. Emotions are contagious after all and happiness is a by-product of our emotional health. The key to raising happy children, therefore, lies in being happy ourselves.

Parent Stories

Our KLAY parents have shared with us different ways in which they have so beautifully managed to incorporate joy and happiness into their daily lives.
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Raising a Happy Child

It has been rightly said, “10% of our life is what happens and the remaining 90% is how we respond to situations.” We have put together for you, some articles, blogs and videos that will help you in always fostering positivity and joy in your lives so that you can raise children who find lifelong happiness in every little thing they do.
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Importance Of Emotional Regulation
by Jackie Harland


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