World Class Facilities

Because for your child, nothing but the best would do!

The facilities at KLAY are designed to provide a safe, stimulating and fun learning environment for every child. KLAY Centres are equipped with learnings spaces that have:
  • Age Appropriate Lead free toys and learning aids
  • Large play areas lit by natural light
  • Learning centres for music and movement, storytelling, art and literary enrichment activities
  • Temperature controlled indoor environments
  • Secure Access Systems and real time CCTV access
  • Trained nursing staff
  • Detailed SOPS for seamless centre Operations management

A sneak peak into the KLAY Centres

Outdoor Play

Most of our centres have outdoor play areas, filled with safe, high quality equipment to ensure both fun and safety!

Hygienic Environment

We follow rigorous hygiene standards at KLAY. In order to keep infections at bay, centres are cleaned 4 times a day. Our Clean and child friendly washrooms encourage importance towards health and hygiene at an early age.

Health and Nutrition

Food is prepared in clean kitchens to ensure optimum hygiene. Meals are cooked daily at a central kitchen using fresh, local ingredients. Crafted by our in-house nutritionist, dishes are flavoursome and packed with nutrients!


We have state of the art libraries and literary activities running at the centres to encourage reading.

Learning Centres

At KLAY learning happens in various centres – Library, math, discovery, role play, art/craft and outdoors. These creative classrooms act as a third teacher, inspiring effortless and spontaneous learning.

Learning aids and equipment

Care is taken to see that the learning aids and toys are of high quality. Our centres are equipped with soft flooring, lead free toys and light furniture with rounded edges.

Learning Space

Our centres are spacious, colourful and filled with age appropriate books, toys and learning aids that children of this age group will enjoy. Our classroom walls are transparent giving children a sense of space and safety at all times.

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What Parents are Saying!

When we decided to start sending Freya to day care she was just 8 months old. We were nervous but in spite of it decided to send her for a few hours. When we first walked into the centre we were greeted by a warm smile from the teachers. The three days of settlement period was enough for us to trust them to take care of her the way we wanted it. The transparency that KLAY offers in their communication is something that stood out for us. There hasn’t been a day that we have been disappointed. Everyday Freya comes to school with a big smile and that is all that matters to us.

Father of Freya
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Get to know us better!