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KLAY Preschool and Daycare is India’s most trusted parenting partner. KLAY has a large network of centres across India and is recognized for world class early years education and care. Every center has meticulously designed learning spaces and a passionate set of teachers and caregivers who provide a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment for children.

Centres in Mumbai

What Parents are Saying!

I don’t feel guilty when I’m at work. I don’t feel bad that somebody else is raising my daughter. I don’t feel bad at all, because I know that they’re doing a good job! I’ve had good experiences.

Tia’s learning curve has improved so much in terms of how she looks at things and how responsible she is. Daycare, I feel, is a better option than keeping a nanny at home.

Rooki Shetty
Mother of Tia, KLAY-TLC, Bandra
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