Preschool & Daycare Loreal

The TLC L’Oreal centre is a 12 children capacity centre centrally located in South Mumbai. The centre is on the Ground floor and the L’Oreal office is on the 8th floor in the same building which gives a feeling of total security to the parents as they have proximity and accessibility to their children. The interiors are spacious, secure and child friendly which encourage the child to receive enormous stimuli and enhance all areas of her/his development. The centre is well equipped with age appropriate toys, equipment, books, Sco Gym, Caterpillar tunnel and a specially designed preschool curriculum which ensures that the child constantly learns while having fun.

At the L’Oreal centre, unique colour schemes have been selected which make the ambience look cheerful and peaceful, the teacher and staff ratio is maintained at 2:1 for infants and 5:1 for toddlers, personal attention and care is given to each child, daily verbal interaction with the parents by the centre manager about the daily activities of the child is much appreciated by them.

Programs and Timing

Day Care

Full Daycare, 6 months – 6 years 9.00 am - 6.30 pm

Afterschool, 18 months – 6 years 12 noon – 7.00 pm

A Day @ TLC, 18 months – 6 years 9.00 am - 6.30 pm

Flexiplan (any 5 days a month), 18 months – 6 years 9.00 am - 6.30 pm

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Marathon Futurex, A-wing, Ground Floor, N.M.Joshi Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400013

+91 22 23000151

Meet our Centre Director

Nisreen Momin

I have worked with various preschools in South Mumbai like Headstart, Kangaroo Kids and now TLC in the field of education with an experience spanning over almost 14 years. I have been with TLC since 5 years. I was motivated to join TLC as the profile was challenging, involving a lot of learning and mainly working in close proximity with children. It has been a wonderful journey at TLC where I head a very supportive, friendly and dedicated team of teachers and caregivers. The extended team of TLC is great to work with especially the fact that it allows us to take independent decisions and follow our work routines without being micro managed. When parents enrol their children at our centre, we assure them that we provide a safe, secure, hygienic, and protective and above all a very loving environment for their children. We believe that childcare is a family affair and the quality of our programming is enhanced by their involvement. The commitment we have towards the care of their child is reflected in every aspect of our childcare facility. The physical layout, the decor, the programs and the selection of staff have been approached with enthusiasm, expertise and great care. The result is a modern, progressive facility designed to meet the needs of our children, parents and community.

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