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February 24, 2018
Richa Goel

Our parents and in-laws are done raising children. It’s not fair to have them raise grandchildren too

February 23, 2018
Nitu Srivastava

Attending meetings beyond office hours is no more a problem, thanks to Klay’s extended daycare

Even when she was pregnant, Nitu Srivastava knew she would be enrolling her child in daycare. Leaving her daughter at home with a parent, in-laws or a nanny was never even an option she considered. With support from her husband, who is also of the opinion that children need stimuli from the outside world to thrive, Nitu enrolled her daughter at Klay, Gurgaon when she was seven months old. She returned to work at ModOnGo shortly after and resumed her role as client relationship manager. While her office hours are […]
February 23, 2018
Harmeet Kaur

After having twins, I thought my career was over. But then I discovered Klay

Harmeet Kaur didn’t engage help from anybody – family or hired – for almost 9 months after her twin daughters were born. She insisted on doing everything independently as she didn’t know if someone else would understand her children’s needs as well as she. But as her daughters started to grow, she noticed something about their development and social skills that she wasn’t very comfortable with. They cried at the sight of strangers because they weren’t used to anyone other than their parents. “I decided to enroll them in daycare […]