Career Path

A career path with KLAY is a journey with unlimited opportunities for professional development and personal growth. Employee training and development opportunities that are part of the KLAY experience include:

Teacher's Training

A detailed training calendar has been mapped out. Every teacher will have to undergo at least 3 training programs in one academic year. All the training programs are certified in order to help in their career advancement. Regardless of previous experience and education, all teachers, are expected to continue their training in practices and techniques for teachers and caregivers of young children to acquire new knowledge and gain new skills. Training hours may include time spent in workshops, conferences of child care, early childhood, or educational associations, formal schooling, self-instructional material, or planned learning opportunities provided by a Centre Director, Curriculum Team, or external consultants. Centre Directors will make staff members aware of training opportunities throughout the year.

Job Rotation and Internal Job Posting

Whenever a position is open; created new or an existing employee moves out of their current position as part of the Job Rotation or IJP Program; any employee can apply for a lateral movement. The individual has to send in their updated resume with a synopsis of why they feel they are eligible for the open position to the HR. The Curriculum Team will conduct an interview and based on their feedback the selection process will be completed. Unless and until the open positions are not filled by internal candidates it will not be open for outside market. This cross selection process of employees is a win-win program as the employee is exposed to a new position as a part of learning and the organization is benefitted by a larger pool of talent where employees are suited to more number of positions.

Professional Development

Training helps to build Knowledge, Skill and Attitude of the teachers. Teachers are trained at the in-house Institute of Early Childhood Care and Education. The institute has developed course materials for conducting on- job and entry level trainings for aspiring educators. Both, short-term (20 hours) and long-term (one year) courses are developed to cater to the need of qualified and skilled staff in Early Childhood Education. The measures to assess the growth of trainees are also developed to evaluate the success of the program.. The participants will be able to demonstrate an understanding of early childhood education and child development, acquire practical knowledge and skills to facilitate lesson planning, provide a safe and conducive learning environment that provides for interactive and developmentally appropriate experiences, and demonstrate an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of teachers to collaborate with fellow colleagues, parents and other professionals in supporting children’s cognitive and affective development. The organisation also has a tie-up with the New Zealand Tertiary College for B.Ed and M.Ed in Education, which our teachers are encouraged to apply for.