It's Storytime Today​

In A Bug's Life

for Toddlers

Let us talk about insects, creepy crawlies, and bugs of all shapes and sizes.

Session Preparation

1. Intro Video

2. Expert Talk:  All you need to know about parenting in the new normal.

3. Let’s Get Started:​ ​Get fit as you walk like a bug, march like an ant, crawl like a caterpillar, and fly like a butterfly.

4. Learning is Fun: Make your very own bug headgear.
5. Creative Expression and More: Let us make a picnic sandwich and engage in some finger play.


  • I can grasp and manipulate objects.
  • I can use a plastic knife to spread  jam on my slice of bread
How to use this?

This is a development tracker that will help you identify your child’s skill and level of competency. You may want to revisit the KLAY @Home sessions if you think your child needs more time to hone the skills addressed in the sessions.

During Mealtime: Meal and snack times are important times of the day when the entire family can come together and bond. You can use this time to talk about the day, your favourite games food or books. 

You can also offer choices whenever you can to initiate conversation, like “Would you like apple or pear slices?” or “what should we make for dinner /lunch?”​

During the Day: Toddlers love bugs. And what makes it even more exciting is that they are so accessible. No matter where you live, there are always bugs you can find around you. You can talk to your children about how ants are attracted to sweets, how spiders spin a web, how a grasshopper walks with its hind legs, and how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. You can also show your child pictures of bugs or read to them about it.

Objectives of the week

Let us talk about insects, creepy crawlies, and bugs of all shapes and sizes.

Sessions of the week

Tue, May 12 Exploring Bees and Spiders​
Thurs, May 14 Creepy Crawlies
Fri, May 15 It's Storytime Today

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