Ways to Entertain your Toddler

Sep 8, 2016 | Read time: 2 mins

Sep 8, 2016 | Read time:

Remember the last time you spent an entire day without smartphones? That would give you an idea of how much technology of all kind has taken over our lives and our kids are no exception. Children these days are exposed to the latest gadgets from a very young age. Try these old school ways to entertain your toddler without using a smartphone.

  • Using Household Objects: Entertain your toddler by taking inspiration from common household items. Put together articles in creative ways such as making a blanket fort, an obstacle race made of chairs, or a toy treasure hunt around the house.


  • The Great Outdoors: Let children get their hands dirty exploring nature. A fun activity idea is to collect leaves, twigs and flowers for your scrapbook on a trip to the park.


  • Art : Drawing and colouring are activities that toddlers love to lose themselves in. Let your little artist create their next masterpiece with innovative mediums from finger-painting one day to a chocolate wrapper collage the next.


  • Reading: Taking out a membership at the neighbourhood library can teach kids the value of borrowing books and maintaining them well. The next time you go out, rather than a gadget, carry a book along that you can read out to your child.


  • On the Go: Liven up monotonous car rides by looking outside to spot vehicles along the way. A little prize for the person who spots the most red cars can keep little ones engrossed for a long time.


  • Adapt to your Environment : Whether you’re at a restaurant or waiting in line at a show, instead of handing your child a smartphone, get involved in your immediate surroundings. You can play the “Name the objects” game with things around you.


  • Pretend Play: By the time they’re 2 years old, toddlers naturally begin acting out what they see adults do. You can incorporate this into your chores. So the next time you’re preparing meals, your little tot can cook along with empty pots and pans. Similarly, get them to sort clothes into different colours while you do the laundry.


With these methods and a few easily available resources, you too can have a technology-free delightful time with your toddler.

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