The True Joy of Giving!

Klay Editorial: Bloggers`’s Name | Jan 8, 2019 | Read time: 3 mins
Klay Editorial: Bloggers`’s Name
Jan 8, 2019 | Read time:

Ayushman (nicknamed Koko) is my 3-year old sunshine. My blog comprises letters I write to him.

Dearest Koko,

Thank you for being such a helpful and wise little man at times. You may not remember this, but you helped mommy out of quite a fix this week.

We grown-ups, with our grown-up problems, often complicate things that are really very simple. I am no different. We were organising a donation drive in office, and I was wracking my brain to come up with a witty campaign line. After I picked you up from the day care centre, while you were cosily settled in the car, I casually mentioned this to you.

Me: So there, what should I say?

Koko: What is Joy of Giving?

Me: “Joy of Giving” is a campaign that we are running, where you can donate clothes and food and other things to people who don’t have them

Koko: What is donate?

Me: Well, let’s see, “donating” is when you give something to someone to help them

Koko: Like sharing?

Me: Yes, like sharing

Koko: Sharing is caring, Mamma

I smiled and continued trudging through the rest of the traffic.

A little part of me felt shameful for how I had been looking at this entire thing the whole time.

Most of the times we think we have this huge responsibility of teaching our children the right things. It is only up to us to take it into our stride. Children have this amazing capability of simplifying things we feel are complicated.

You are so easily trusting and giving. You see the good in everything and everyone.

My “Sharing is Caring” campaign was quite successful.  I was so glad that I could bring in the cheer in a unique way this year.

The “Joy of Giving” is not a chore that we need to enforce on people. It is a way of life. Let us not treat donation drives as spring-cleaning of our houses where we do away with old clothes. Let us buy new clothes for those who are in need; God knows they actually need it.

Thank you, Koko, for teaching me this important life lesson.

Love you,


About Amrita

About Me: I am a working mom learning the ropes of life, parenting and child care, one day at a time. I love reading and what makes me happiest is the sight of my little big boy with a book open on his lap. At these times, I would mostly get a book for myself and sit beside him. On most occasions though, I doze off because I am sleep deprived most of the times.

Along these crazy times when the son and mother are fighting over food, or TV time or sleep schedules, the only constant voice of reason is the father (though I don’t like to confess that at all times).

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