Toxic air and seasonal ailments: Protect your children from both

Nov 14, 2017 | Read time: 3 mins

Nov 14, 2017 | Read time:

It is in the air. Pollution. Smog. Pollen. Freaky Weather. Just when you wish you could send your kids out to run around in the sun all day, comes the threat of flu, allergies, asthma and dengue!

We know some of you have been keeping your children at home following the advisory in the NCR which has been affected by the high levels of pollution. But whatever you do, don’t panic. Be prepared. KLAY tells you how to.

Fight Toxic Air and Mosquitoes

  • To combat toxic air in our metro cities this season, try to use an air purifier at home.
  • Avoid having chemical-laden factory made breads. Eat homemade chapatis or appams and give your kids enough water and fluids.
  • Avoid using chemical air fresheners at home. Use diffusers with camphor, eucalyptus oil.
  • Use Citronella based floor cleaners, aroma oils and even lotions/creams for your children when they go out to play. It keeps out the mosquitoes and are best paired with full skived clothes and mosquito patches.
  • Give your children jaggery and amla to strengthen immunity and filter out toxins.
  • Blocked or running nose and a mild headache, common symptoms. Some children do not sneeze, but they get cranky as they cannot express the problem of a blocked nose that hampers breathing when they sleep. Try home remedies with tulsi steam, honey in warm milk, or home-made yummy hot soups.
  • Teach your toddler to wash their hands at regular intervals as viruses transmit through touching an infected door knob, a book or other surfaces.
  • Fight Seasonal Ailments
  • Research claims Asthma is more common in autumn-born children, as they have an increased exposure to allergens in their early months of development, such as house dust mites, pollens etc. Our kids are increasingly showing signs of allergic asthma, due to exposure to pollution and many toddlers need inhalers from an early age. Do not neglect asthma attacks in children as the dry air of the season tightens their airways and makes it difficult for them to breathe, leading to attacks that need immediate attention and medical intervention. Make some changes at home, keep it dust and smoke free, and avoid dusting in front of your kids.
  • The dry season results in winter itch that is not necessarily a skin disease. It goes away with spring, but can be very irritating, making a child cranky. Instead of using chemical laced skin creams, rub your baby’s skin with lemon juice and honey, or ask your doctor if you can use coconut or almond oil to keep it moist. Contrary to popular belief, moisturising lotions do not get absorbed by the skin. Instead, they seal the pores and may cause skin diseases.
  • Sore throats are common, caused either by bacterial or viral infection. Sudden change of temperature aggravates the condition. Teach your child to regularly gargle with lukewarm saline water, the best way to fight that sore throat!
  • Though it lasts for just a year, flu vaccines are gaining popularity in India like the West, as seasonal flu is fast catching up, including the deadly Swine Flu. The best way to prevent getting flu is to have the flu vaccine that also comes in the form of a nasal spray for young kids.

But remember, you cannot keep your children wrapped up in cotton wool forever. Let them step out, play, get some sun and enjoy the outdoors. Just be prepared when you hear that first sneeze.

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