This Season of Love, Plan that Perfect Family Vacation

Feb 21, 2019 | Read time: 4 mins

Feb 21, 2019 | Read time:

Planning that perfect family vacation

With spring just around the corner and the season of love in full bloom, planning a family vacation can be relaxing and refreshing. And what better way to express our love for our family than to spend time with them.

A great time to bond with your little ones and spend some quality time together, family vacations are a getaway from the daily routine lives that we live. A digital detox holiday, free of any form of screen-time is something that we, as parents should factor into our annual vacation plans.

Who doesn’t like to go for a holiday? Who doesn’t feel rejuvenated and relaxed after a great one? Haven’t some of your best memories been those while you have been on a holiday?

We have put down some tips to plan that perfect family vacation, this season of love, which will leave you feeling refreshed and all ready for the months ahead:

  •    Get back to basics

Nothing beats a nature-inspired holiday. Whether it is a trek up a beautiful hill or a holiday to a forest reserve or a camping break, holidays that connect us back to nature, are the best. Not only will this holiday make your child happier and healthier with all the fresh air and sunlight all around, but this will also give your little ones a great opportunity to connect with Mother Nature, explore and learn.

So, the next time you are planning on where to go, choose a destination where you and your child can experience the great outdoors and the experiences that come with it.

  •    Follow the limited tech rule

This is something that you can try with your family. While on your family vacation, make sure you use technology only when it’s absolutely required. Technology to find alternative routes to your destination or to finalize a good place to eat or to put on some music for the entire family to dance to is great. But if it comes to checking your messages or important emails, then the idea is to refrain from any such use. After all, a holiday that is similar to your usual days off is no holiday at all, is it? You can also read our blog on parenting in the digital age.

  •    Involve the entire family while planning for the holiday

A great way to get the entire family engaged is to involve them in the planning of the vacation. Whether it is voting on the place to go or preferences on where to stay or even the delegating of the list of daily activities to the children, research has shown that families that plan holidays together, end up having a great time as well. The devil lies in the details, after all, and planning your holiday every step of the way is a great way to ensure that there are no obstacles and that your family vacation is truly stress-free.

  •    Stop and enjoy

Holidays don’t have to be jam-packed days. The entire purpose of going on a holiday is for you and your family to let down your hair and do things together. The general tendency of most people on a holiday is to try and do everything and go everywhere in those limited number of days. However, what is also important is to make plans for having memorable experiences that don’t leave you completely drained out. Always leave a bit of time for just doing nothing. A late breakfast by the pool or a lazy afternoon of just reading books can do wonders. So make sure you factor in a little bit of downtime, every single day of your family vacation.

This season of love, let us turn off, shut down and log out, for time invested in these few days of holiday time with your family will go a long way when it comes to creating beautiful memories and building stronger relationships.

Laugh out loud, eat all you can, talk till you fall asleep, read a lot, wake up to music and dance with your hair down and just be HAPPY as you spend time with your family. After all, family vacations are food for the soul!

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