Sharing, caring, and giving on Diwali – the KLAY way!

Oct 13, 2017 | Read time: 2 mins

Oct 13, 2017 | Read time:
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This Diwali, we want to leave you with a thought – Should the day be celebrated as a day of thanksgiving?

Beyond the bright new clothes, the gifts and firecrackers, what if we express our gratitude to our loved ones, our friends, well-wishers and to our beautiful world for life’s bounties?

Here are just a few ways to celebrate the power of thanksgiving:
Teach your little ones the importance of sharing with others
Just as we urge you to spend more time with your little ones, you can encourage them to spend some of their time and give some of their love to those who are in need of both. Maybe, as a family, you can visit an orphanage, spend some time with the other children there and distribute sweets or toys and clothes.

Sharing with others also builds a strong sense of empathy. The innate ‘feel good factor’ of having helped someone in their time of need plays a large role in shining a light of positivity on sharing. After all, sharing is caring.

Give your child all your time
It is the best way to say that you are there. Make Diwali treats together. Go shopping for Diwali lights together. Engage your child creatively and even while running errands. They feel wonderful to be a part of your world – no matter how mundane the task is. After all, it is these memories that will last a lifetime!

Say Thank you to Mother Earth and all her creations
As a responsible citizen, impress upon your child the true essence of Diwali. Celebrate responsibly – sans harmful crackers. It is about lighting up lives, and spreading joy. It is also about celebrating the bounty of nature. So be kind to your environment, and your children will follow,

Let us take a pledge this year, to give our children the gift of time and use that to teach them the importance of sharing, empathy and caring!

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