How to Select The Right Preschool For Your Child

May 14, 2020 | Read time: 4 mins

May 14, 2020 | Read time:
how to select preschool

Selecting a preschool for your child is not a child’s play. But with a simple formula, you can identify the right place where you can leave your child peacefully. Before I share the formula with you, one foundational fact must be discussed here. Practically saying, there is no concept of “The Best” preschool in the city. The preschool that matches the personality of your child is the best one for him or her. So, before you begin the search for selecting preschool of your child, you should know the persona of your child. Some children are born book readers while some love to read the people around them. Some are very fond of hands-on activities while some prefer to watch others from a corner. If you know what your child prefers, it is easy to look out for similar settings, while selecting the right preschool.

It is a well- established fact that every child is unique and therefore, the preferences of each child are also unique. Having said that, there are certain areas that cannot be ignored when you are looking for a home away from home. And for that, here comes the formula that is applicable to most parents when selecting a nurturing environment for the child.

The formula includes four categories: Methodology, Economy, Space and Human Resources, abbreviated as MESH. Your task as a parent is to check this MESH at every preschool you visit. And the one that follows the formula is the place to go.

The MESH categories are expanded as follows:

  • Methodology
  • Economy
  • Space
  • Human Resources


preschool teacher

This includes everything that a child does in the preschool. It starts from the very basic philosophy on which the preschool was established and goes up to the day to day activities happening in the classroom. Some key points to look for while exploring the methodology of a preschool are:

  • Curriculum philosophy and implementation
  • Parent partnership measures
  • Transparency in policies and procedures
  • Routine activities like meal and nap procedures

This will give you a fair idea if the preschool will be a good match for your child’s preferences or not.


preschool facilties

Money is another significant factor to be considered while you narrow down the preschool of your choice. It is not only about the fee but also about value for money when it comes to quality programs in the early years. Do not forget that most active hours of your child’s day are spent in the preschool and the following points will help you in deciding the value for money:

  • Staff child ratio
  • Meal plans and quality of food
  • Equipment and materials in the classroom
  • Transportation

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This category includes the very first appearance of the preschool and the feeling that you carry while leaving the premises. Apart from the locality and vicinity of your place, this category also includes:

  • Safety and security measures like live streaming, door locks, finger guards
  • Child-friendly indoor and outdoor setups
  • Sunlight, ventilation and good hygiene in the space
  • Community dining areas, washrooms access etc.

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Human Resource

Last but not the least, the category to look for is about the people that are running the show on day to day basis. A place is all about the people it has and so is true for preschools. Look out for these points to know the strength of the preschool:

  • Qualification and training of the staff members
  • Industry experience of managers and teachers
  • Respect for caregiver/support staff in the system
  • Physical and emotional health of the staff

Good luck with your search parents. Explore all the possible options that you have in mind for your child but select the one that follows MESH!

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