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May 12, 2018 | Read time: 4 mins

May 12, 2018 | Read time:
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Mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place NO-ONE ELSE can take! – Cardinal Mermillod

I wish I could see your face on the day I was born, I am sure you would be crying out of joy. You taught to me to walk with smaller steps, but I assumed it that I learnt it all by myself. When I was infant, there would have been several days where you had to wake up all night to pacify me, to feed me or to clean my messy bed. Even-though you had a sleepless night, you were all pumped up the next morning to cook food for me, my dad and for all others at our home.

When I was a toddler, you made up a decision to send me to the best school that you could ever think off. On my first day of the school, I know you dropped me to the class teacher with heavy heart but I know you were just looking at me behind those classroom window just to make sure that I am all fine. Before I would even think of asking you something, you would have it ready for me. When I was in my early teens, those silly fights which we fought, those games that we played together, those fun pranks that we used to make on others, those extra pocket money that you used to give me just so that I eat well, that immense care especially when I am sick, all these memories would be always cherished.

Once I was in my early adulthood, unknowingly I created my own world which included majority of friends. You advised me, I used to oppose you. I thought that you never understood me and there were few days where we would not talk to each other.  I started to hangout more with my friends, create memories with them that I did not realize when I forgot about my good old friend like you.  I used to be so busy with my work that at times I even hung up on your call, forgetting that you would be waiting for me back home.  I could never understand your worry nor your silence. But when I am in need and approach you for something, you are right there for me to battle it along with me. You would also try and prepare my favourite dish just to make sure that I am happy.

Days passed and you made sure to find me the best ever Prince Charming in this world who can shower immense love on me, the same way as you did. You and Dad made sure that my Big-Day would be the most cherished day of my life with all the arrangements that I could ever dream off. After 5 years, I gave you a good news of me being pregnant. You jumped out of happiness, you took complete care of me, you made sure to fulfil every craving of mine, you pampered me again as if I was your tiny baby. Days passed and it was my day of delivery. It took me 12 hours of pain in labour room and then I gave birth to my “Darling Daughter”.

This was a turning point of my life. A daughter who was so stubborn, busy in her own work, now realized what all did my Mom had to go through just to bring me in this world. She wished me on my birthday which was within 5 days of my delivery, I cried in her arms for being a silly daughter and not understanding her. All that I could say her on my first birthday after my delivery was ” I am sorry for everything from the bottom of my heart Amma”. From the day of my delivery till date there was not even a single day where I have not thought about my mom, the kind of support which she provides, those advice which she gives based on her experience are all unforgettable.

My Conclusion:

Mother’s might get over possessive at times and we as kids take them for granted. Listen to what they say, make them feel happy/comfortable and always support them in every aspect of their life. Very often make them feel special for no reason, because they deserve all of it.

Dedicating my first official blog of my website to my Mom – Rest In Peace “Amma”.

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