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May 13, 2018 | Read time: 5 mins

May 13, 2018 | Read time:
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Every mom is a supermom. Nobody can deny this fact. All mothers have to go through some ordeal and vicissitudes as part of their life. Life is not a bed of roses, as they say. Each of us have seen few circumstances in our life which makes us feel effeminate or fallible apparently.

Then after going through the dark tunnel full of predicaments, we see the  illumination at the culmination  and find ourselves much stronger and capable of doing things which we have not expected ourselves. When the going gets tough the tough gets going. I endorse.

No time remains the same. After every dark depressing and dark night there comes a bright sun to give us hope. At the time of my pregnancy and delivery no one was there except my husband. Because of health restrictions and travel issues neither of our parents could come. No qualms because all is well that ends well.

I had never carry any baby in my hand before. I had no knowledge how to carry a new born or my emotions. I and my husband just used to watch Google and YouTube and go by doctors’ words and advice and the main thing is that our experiences taught us the parenting.

For example it took 45 minutes for both of us to give our new born his first bath and later when we switched to baby bath tub it was just 5 minutes!! We both were overwhelmed to see this transition.

I used to think that baby cried because he was hungry and I used to feed him. It took me many months to realize where I went wrong. They say it is 1 year of sleepless nights because of habit of getting up in between during night sleep just for the feed but for me it took much longer.  I used to wonder when will this episode would improve.

But believe me all new moms that every problem has a solution and it takes time to see the answer. It is always within us. We just have to do our duties and wait patiently. From 9 months old till around 3 he used to get fever every month. His weight is still just of a year old boy. But as far as the doctor says normal we are still less worried. Because it’s not in our hand how to make him gain his weight.

My daily routines for which my husband applauds me:

  1. I am a vegetarian so is my son so far. In fact I’m proud to have a vegetarian diet.
  2. Also I have not bought a TV because it’s of no use for kids. It spoils them. I think this is the age they get addicted to bad habits very easily. Instead of that I involve him in reading books, paint flower pots, play musical chairs, make believe play etc.
  3. I show him poems visuals once or twice a month on phone when he requests me politely.
  4. I do not prefer to have caretaker for my kid because I’m there for him and only mother can do the best in that particular situation.
  5. I do not have any helper for mopping, cleaning utensils or making food.
  6. I try to bring him downstairs in the park for evening walk in our apartment and make him greet every parent or friends he meets while cycling or walking. And most of the people know me as Ram’s mom!
  7. I do Satya Narayana Pooja every month. I try to do on full moon or on a holiday. If somehow I skips he reminds me as he is fond of the Prasad!
  8. I had my schooling in DAV so I like chanting of mantras and do the same with my son before going to bed and in the morning.
  9. He helps me with house hold chores (depending on his mood) like wiping the chairs, cleaning the table if food has fallen there.
  10. I don’t drink tea,  eat ice-cream or chocolate when he is with me. I try to avoid any kind of outside junk food because he is observing me.

What my lovely son Ram Sharma has taught me

  1. Enjoy the moment
  2. Forget about time is running fast or we r getting late.
  3. Walk on the water puddles.
  4. If I want it I should give my heart and soul to get it.
  5. When you are tired just sleep
  6. Play when you want to play. Involve family to play together.
  7. Be creative and use your imagination.
  8. Let bygones be bygones. At times I scold him or I become too strict and within moments he would come and give me kisses. And I feel so guilty for being so harsh on him that only I know.

So I would say the two ingredients which make every mom as super mom are her mother and her kid.  Because I have seen my mom doing all household chores on her own and go for job (hats off to all working moms) and  I try to do my bit. Also I think this is the time they need us. Time is the most precious gift and I’m very possessive with my relations. So I try to give the best I can in every possible way.

I will call myself a supermom when he will become a good person, a good human being. Fingers crossed! Thank you for taking out time and reading my experiences. I know your ordeal also is worth knowing. Keep up your hard work and appreciate yourself for what you are.


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